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Rejuvenate is a Healing Item. It provides a 6% healing received by mostly Support Champions bonus per rank. It is useful for Front Lines and is a way to counter Card Cauterize.png Cauterize.


Icon Cost Effect
Card Rejuvenate.png 150 Currency Credits.png Receive 6% more healing from other players.
Card Rejuvenate.png 300 Currency Credits.png Receive 12% more healing from other players.
Card Rejuvenate.png 450 Currency Credits.png Receive 18% more healing from other players.


  • Current: Receive {5|10|15}% more healing from other players.
  • Increased scaling {5|10|15}% ➞ {6|12|18}%
  • Reduced Healing increase [10/20/30]% ➞ [5/10/15]%
  • Reduced price [200/400/600] ➞ [150/300/450]
  • Reduced cost from 300 to 200.
  • Reduced amount of rank 1 healing from 500 to 300.
  • [Armor] Heal for 500 when you leave combat.


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