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The Resistance (aka Paladins) is a rebel group in the world of Paladins. The Resistance was formed after those who opposed the Magistrate's decision of banning crystals from commoners, came together as one. The group rallied behind the leader of the former Paladins, Valera, and together they fight for the free usage of crystals.

History[edit | edit source]

Lore Image Resistance.png

Disagreeing with Karne's judgment on the crystals during the revolution, a group came together and spoke out against the Magistrate saying that crystal magic should be used for progress and by everyone in the Realm. The group rallied behind Valera, leader of the former Paladins. Together, they created a rebellion to combat the Magistrate.

When an early battle between the Magistrate and the Resistance occurred, both sides fought valiantly, however, the rebellion was defeated, losing one of their own as a result. Despite this setback, the Resistance did not surrender, and instead strengthened their resolve.

Valera urged the group to take up the flag of the ancient Paladins, with the goal of restoring peace to the Realm.

Known Members[edit | edit source]

  • Grover and Makoa were revealed to have joined the Resistance in The Fight of Shattered Desert, however, it is unknown why they joined.
  • Evie was confirmed to be with the Resistance here, alongside Pip being revealed as a partial member.
  • Jenos, Io, Atlas, and Imani have all been seen fighting alongside the Resistance, though their main goal is to prevent the Darkness from being released, and are uninterested in the war.
  • It is unknown why Buck and Koga joined the Resistance in particular.
  • During the Battle Suit Battle Pass, this challenge was available: "Slay 14 different Paladins Champions". So during the patch 2.1 14 playable champions were officially assigned to the Resistance (Paladins).
  • Despite some hints at Moji joining the Resistance, such as in the Dark Tides lore cinematic, it's confirmed here that Moji is more neutral.
  • Oddly, during the End Times event where champions were divided between Magistrate and Resistance, Barik, Cassie, Evie, Furia, Grover, Koga, Inara, and Talus were not available as Resistance champions.[1]
  • As also shown during the End Times event[1][2], Kinessa, Maeve, Ruckus and Seris were available for both the Magistrate and Resistance. The former two are thought to possibly have been hired, though the latter two's reasons are unknown.
  • Maeve was also seen on the Resistance's side during the Siege of Ascension Peak event.[3]


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