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The Resistance's logo.

The Resistance is a rebel group in the world of Paladins. The Resistance was formed to combat the Magistrate; made up of oddities, outlaws, and even former military from the Magistrate. Hearing the call of the former Paladin Valera, they’ve answered to stop the Magistrate’s plans to take over the Realms and limit magic only to them.


Disagreeing with Karne's judgement on the crystals during the revolution, Valera spoke out against the Magistrate saying that crystal magic should be used for progress and by everyone in the Realm. Not wanting the Magistrate to profit any longer, she secretly created a rebellion to combat the Magistrate. Thanks to some of the best engineers and enchanters, including a master dwarf, the Resistance was equipped with powerful weapons from crystal magic.

When the first battle between the Magistrate and the Resistance, they fought valiantly, but the rebellion was defeated and one of their own perished. Despite this setback, the Resistance did not surrender, inspiring many to join them. Survivors of the battle found new allies, including individuals that left the Magistrate.

Valera decided that they would take up the flag of the original Paladins, with the goal to restore peace to the realm.

Known Members

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