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Respawn is a Gameplay Mechanic in Paladins by which players come back to life by waiting a certain amount of time after their death. Players may purchase Items from the Item Shop with Credits while waiting to respawn similarly to when they access it from the Spawn Room.

Respawn Time[]


Respawn time in Siege takes 12s during Capture Point phase and changes during the Payload Escort phase to 8s for attackers and 14s for defenders.


Respawn time in Onslaught takes 8s but it gets longer for the winning team depending on the score advantage up to 12s.

Team Deathmatch[]

Respawn time in TDM always takes 3s no matter the score advantage. Additionally, since there is no single spawn area, players will respawn at seemingly random spots on the map. They actually depend on the other players' position and are specific spots on the map, not random.


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