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The Respawn Beacon was a gameplay mechanic in Paladins.


Respawn Beacons allowed teams to quickly return to the battlefield after respawning. All modes except Survival included a Respawn Beacon.

There were both an entrance and exit beacons, the entrance Beacon remained locked in the spawn room at all times. The exit beacon could be picked up by anyone in that team by pressing the Pickup Beacon key ("B" by default). While carrying a beacon players couldn't fire their weapon nor use any of their abilities but they could still mount. Pressing the Pickup Beacon key again would place the exit Beacon in front of them. Beacons could only be placed in areas where there was enough space for all champions to move on. It took 5 seconds for a beacon to become active after being deployed. After a beacon was used it would go on a 2 seconds cooldown before anyone could use it again.

A placed exit beacon could be damaged and destroyed by the opposite team. Once destroyed, a beacon would respawn after a short time next to the entrance beacon. The beacon also regenerated its health over time if it had not been damaged within the last 3s.


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