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Rise of Furia is an event to celebrate the release of a new champion, Furia, and to expand Paladins' lore. This event began on June 6, 2018.

Additional information can be found here: Rise of Furia promo site

Description[edit | edit source]

Escape the Abyss

Relive the day Seris was destroyed, when thousands of souls were cast into the Abyss. You have been trapped in the vile recesses of this ancient hell... but there is still hope. Race against your doom and climb the Abyssal Spire. As you slay the wretched shadows atop you'll earn Abyssal Shards which you can exchange for exclusive Rise of Furia event items. Remember child: Even in the blackest night the Pyre will light your path

Lore[edit | edit source]

Two sisters, two fates defined by this place. While all towns harbor darkness, true evil lurked in the village of Seris- a portal to the Abyss...And it demanded to be fed.

The Magistrate made its decision - one sister would be sacrificed to the Abyss, her life less important than its hunger.

The girl accepted her fate, but for her sister the choice to fight was an easy one. Alas, a common girl cannot defeat the Magistrate, or the Abyss. The sister was taken, only a lock of hair was left - another of the Magistrate's meaningless gestures.

With no hope left in the realm, she turned to a source of salvation: the Enternal Pyre, the cleansing flame from which we are reborn. The sister prayed for guidance, for her loved one's soul, most of all she prayed for the strength to fight the Abyss, so no others will be lost.

As the sacrifice neared, the Void's hunger grew stronger and stronger until the Abyss realised it hungered not for a soul but for a body. The Abyss was unleashed and the village of Seris was destroyed.

All were lost, save for one last soul. For what the sister had sought, the Pyre had given and the weak sister was no more. For she was Furia: cleansing flame incarnate. She would do what none had done before: she would stand against the Abyss.

Limited Game Mode[edit | edit source]

Loading HeavenAndHell.png

The Abyss hungers. Race to the top of the demonic spire, avoiding rockets fired by an abyssal lord. Then prepare for a winner-take-all Team Deathmatch to escape eternal torment.

  • The Champions
  • Players are assigned a random Champion to race up the spire.
  • Both teams are comprised of the same Champions.
  • The Climb
  • Players have increased movement speed and jump height to help them traverse the Abyssal Spire.
  • Players are unable to damage or impede their opponents' progress during the climb.
  • The Abyss will slowly rise during the Climb, forcing players towards the top. Falling into the Abyss will reset you to the lowest current checkpoint.
  • Pyre's Blessing are placed throughout the climb, providing ultimate charge to the team who can grab them first!
  • Destroying the Crystal near the top will unlock the Abyssal Spire's Arena, bringing all players to the top of the Spire. The team that unlocks the Arena earns additional ultimate charge.
  • The Fight
  • The fight follows Team Deathmatch Rules – first team to 30 kills wins the match.

Cosmetic items[edit | edit source]

These are the items that are available during the event. Each bundle costs 400 Currency Crystals.png Crystals to unlock.

Unlocks[edit | edit source]

Maeve Demonette Promo.png

  • Demonette Bundle:
  • Demonette Maeve (Epic Skin)
  • Crossed (Exclusive Maeve MVP Pose)
  • 200 Abyssal Shards (Event Store Currency)

Androxus Fallen Promo.png

  • Fallen Bundle:
  • Fallen Androxus (Epic Skin)
  • Executioner (Exclusive Androxus MVP Pose)
  • 200 Abyssal Shards (Event Store Currency)

Tyra Archangel Promo.png

  • Archangel Bundle:
  • Archangel Tyra (Epic Skin)
  • Reckoning (Exclusive Tyra MVP Pose)
  • 200 Abyssal Shards (Event Store Currency)

Collection bonus[edit | edit source]

Drogoz Abyssal Lord Promo.png

  • Abyssal Lord Bundle:
  • Abyssal Lord Drogoz (Limited Skin)
  • Dominator (Limited Drogoz MVP Pose)
  • Effigy (Limited Death Stamp)
  • The Demon (Limited Title)
  • 1000 Abyssal Shards (Event Store Currency)

Event Store[edit | edit source]

Spend your Abyssal Shards Abyssal Shards at the Event Store to get legendary and epic exclusive items. You will be able to spend your Abyssal Shards after purchasing one of the bundles.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Complete quests to earn treasure chests as bonus rewards. Progress can be made for all quests at the same time.

RiseOfFuria AbyssalShard.png
Call of the Abyss
Objective: Acquire 100 Abyssal Shards

Reward: Colossal Chest.png Gold Chest
RiseOfFuria AbyssalShard.png
Pyre's Chosen
Objective: Acquire 200 Abyssal Shards

Reward: Diamond Chest.png Diamond Chest

Videos[edit | edit source]


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