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The Scoreboard shows the performance of the players during and after a match. The scoreboard can be opened with Tab by default during a match. In addition, all performance values can be compared at the end of the game on a more detailed scoreboard. The order of the players is completely random and is not yet sorted by performance.

Scoreboard during a match[]

Scoreboard Ingame screen.png

  • 1: The chosen talent of each champion. The player gets a more detailed description of the talent by hovering the mouse pointer over the symbol.
  • 2: The Portrait of the Champion and also the current player's elimination streak inside a flame (Kills and Assists combined). This will be reset after death.
Color of the frame:
  • BLUE: Teammate.
  • RED: Enemy.
  • YELLOW: Yourself.
  • 3: The Player Name and the choosen Title.
Color of the Player Name:
  • White: Normal.
  • GREEN: All of your party members.
  • GOLD: Players who bought the current Event Pass.
Color of the Title:
  • BLUE: Teammate.
  • RED: Enemy.
  • YELLOW: Yourself.
  • 4: The purchased items and their tiers.
  • 5: Here you can mute/unmute people with microphones or show/hide their chat messages by clicking on the icons.
  • 6: Shows the Ultimate Charge Meter of all Teammates. All Teammates with an ultimate charge of 100 have their ultimates ready.
  • 7: The personal scores like:
  • Credits: Currently available Credits that could be spend in the ingame item store for items.
  • Eliminations: Currently Eliminations (Kills and Assists combined).
  • Death
  • Solo Kills: Kills that were achieved without the help of other teammates.
  • Best Streak: The personal best elimination streak (Kills and Assists combined) that was achieved without dying.
  • 8: The selected Passive Abilities.
  • On the second tab all loadout cards for each player are visible.
  • A visual indicator is displayed under the in-match scoreboard to indicate how much the Anti-Healing Mechanic is currently affecting the gameplay.
Anti-Healing Indicator.png

Displayed Icons[]

Player Disconnected.png This icon will show up, if a player has a disconnection. This player is replaced with a bot as long as this icon is displayed.
Verified Player Support Icon.png This icon is displayed next to player who are verified by Evil Mojo. This player could be a streamer, content creator or Evil Mojo staff member.

Scoreboard after a match[]

Scoreboard End screen.png

  • Champion: The Portrait of the Champion
  • Player: The Player Name
Color of the Player Name:
  • White: Normal.
  • GOLD: Players who bought the current Event Pass.
  • Buttons: Here players can be added as friends, gifts can be sent and players can also be reported.
  • Credits: The total count of credits earned during the match.
  • K / D / A: The total count of Kills, Death and Assists during the match.
  • Streak: The best elimination streak (Kills and Assists combined) that was achieved without dying.
  • Objektive Time: The total count of Objective Time obtained by defending or capturing certain objectives on the map during the match.
  • Damage: The total count of damage dealt during the match.
  • Shielding: The total count of shielding achieved by shields during the match.
  • Healing: The total count of healing achieved during the match.


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