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Seris was a village in the Realm which housed a portal to the Abyss that demanded to be fed. The Magistrate obliged, believing this would appease the Abyss, however, as they began the sacrifice, they learned that the Abyss did not hunger for a soul, but for a body. The Abyss was unleashed and the village of Seris was destroyed.

The village of Seris was located in Crosswind Hold, as can be seen on the official map of the Realm.


  • Only three individuals are known to have survived the destruction of the village, this includes Seris, Furia, and Corvus.
  • The destroyed village seems to appear in Corvus' card Abyssal Effluxion.
  • Based on one of Furia's teasers, the village was owned by the Magistrate.
  • It was mentioned in the bio for 'The Rift' in Trials of the Realm, that the portal to the Abyss which was once located in Seris, has since become untethered and now appears throughout the Realm at the behest of an unseen force.[1]
  • The village was home to one of the oldest active Churches of the Pyre prior to its destruction.[2]
  • It is not known for certain what type of location Seris was, as it's been referred to as a "city" in Seris' bio, a "village" in the Rise of Furia lore cinematic, and a "town" in Corvus' reveal trailer.


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