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Shattered Desert is one of the maps in Paladins and was released in the Paladins 2.2 update.
Like every Siege Map, Shattered Desert also has certain callouts.


This map is one of the few maps with a rotated layout, unlike most maps, having a mirrored layout. The map has a unique design, with the two sides having different appearances that distinguishes them. Like all other siege maps, There is a Capture Point in the middle. The bases are located at opposite ends of the map.

The Game Mode that is currently playable in this map is Siege.


Trials of the Realm Bio (Original):
"Far from the wars that plagued the north, the Shattered Desert had kept its peace for centuries. To this day, the people of the Desert live by the light of the cosmos and worship the Moon Goddess Io."[1]

Trials of the Realm Bio (Beach Bash Update):
"Far from the wars that plagued the north, the Shattered Desert had kept its peace for centuries To this day, the people of the Desert live by the light of the cosmos and worship the Moon Goddess Io. Even when faced with the corrupting influence of the Devourer, Yagorath, the people of the Desert have not lost faith, and have banded together to fight against the Moon Goddess' enemy."[2]

Other Information:

Long ago, the moon was whole. It was united like the Realm once was. But then it shattered, broken, into thousands of pieces. Some shards fell to the Realm. And where they landed, they killed all that they touched, turning a once lush forest into the Shattered Desert, the incident becoming a legendary tale.[3] A group of martial warriors was formed, and they vowed to protect this location, where chaos was now sealed away.

Until the day came one of the warriors would release the chaos, believing her goddess to have abandoned her. With the seal broken, the Shattered Desert now serves as a reminder of where this catastrophe all started. This information comes from Io's teaser trailer and Vora's bio.

As can be seen in Trials of the Realm[1], the Shattered Desert is part of a larger area known as the 'Lunar Coast', alongside Ascension Peak and the Thousand Hands Guild, with Bazaar also being nearby, as can be seen in the official map of the Realm.

As mentioned here, some areas of the forest that was once present here may still be around.

The ruins present in this map are ancient, as mentioned here.

Special Feature(s)[]

Burning Ground[]

This map does not have a strict vertical limit. To prevent champions with vertical movement abilities from camping on the rocks, there are burning grounds that deals Damage over Time. Parts of the map boundary are also made of this burning ground. This burning ground appears exclusively on this map at the moment.


Quicksand reduce the player's movement speed. Quicksand appears exclusively on this map at the moment.




  • This map received a small visual change in the Calamity update, making the capture point visibly shattered with red energy pouring out, tying into Yagorath's release.
  • A faint image of Luna, Io's familiar, can occasionally be seen in both spawn rooms.
  • A portal showing The Lost Future used to appear in a hidden corner of one side of the map,[4] though this was eventually removed at an unknown point.
  • As shown here, there was originally going to be somewhat more vegetation in this map.
  • Other early concepts show a number of additional differences, such larger statues, darker colors, and what appears to be some sort of shrine.[5]
  • A large skeleton can be seen in the distance of this map, possibly belonging to a deceased dragon.


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