Shattered Goddess Return

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We watched you for eons - waiting, dreaming of the day we might meet. It wasn´t supposed to be like this. Pieces of us hurtled toward your embrace along with something else - the Darkness. We were broken, unwhole, unworthy of your servants' kindness. But to see them broken too, they do not deserve this. We do not wish to fight, but we will do what we must. There is still hope left in the Realm. And so I am here, so no more will be broken.

For eons, Io watched over the Realm from the moon, hoping, dreaming of the day she could meet those in the Realm. Until an otherwordly force shattered her, sending pieces of the moon plummeting to the Realm below. Where these shards landed, they killed all that they touched, turning the once lush environment into the Shattered Desert. The people who were left built a new city - the city of Bazaar. The people of Bazaar worshiped Io and cared for the shard that contained her fox companion. However, a group from the Magistrate under the leadership of Corvus arrived, seemingly drawn there by strange tears in reality. They had come hoping to utilize the power here to end the war with the Resistance, who also arrived shortly after, seemingly drawn by the same tears. The villagers were no match for the Magistrate, and the city was the victim of an intense battle between the Resistance and Magistrate.

Now, the Shattered Goddess returns to the Realm and joins the battle. Io gravely injures Corvus in this battle, as seen in her Protectors card.

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