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The spectator mode makes it possible to spectate live and past matches.

In-Game​ ​Settings[]

In-Game​ ​Spectator​ ​Settings[]

Prior to and whilst spectating a game, spectator options are available by the ESC/Options menu.

  • Show player icons = Off
  • Show player team UI = on
  • Set score = 0 at MINIMUM (do not set to -1)
  • Team names filled appropriately

Chat​ ​Commands[]

All chat commands can be entered into any chat window. This can be system chat or a direct message with a player in your friends list. The in-game chat can be brought up by pressing the Enter​ key whilst in-game, and whilst it is hidden from view it is active and can be used to enter certain commands to be confirmed again with the enter key.

  • /dnd
This command puts the Paladins client in Do Not Disturb mode.
  • /spectate​ ​<Playername>
This command queues spectator mode for the specified player’s next game, or starts spectator mode if the player is currently in a game with spectating enabled.
  • If the game in progress has not been spectated from the start of the game, spectators will be pulled in at the in-game time at which they started spectating. For this reason, pre-queueing spectator mode is always​ recommended.
If a spectator password has been used, the syntax must be:
  • /spectate​ ​<Playername>​ ​<Password>
  • /replay​ ​<Instance​ ​ID>
E.g. /replay​ ​00000001
This command starts spectator mode from the replay file of the corresponding instance (match) ID. This will only occur for custom games if they have been previously spectated live.
If a spectator password has been used it must also be entered as above.
Replaying games from a different patch to the live patch is impossible and the rollbacksystem must be used.
  • /demoplay​ ​<filename>
E.g. /demoplay​ ​TeamAvsTeamB
This command is used to start spectator mode from a local demo file located in the correct directory. Further instructions on demo playback are found​ ​below​.
If a spectator password has been used it must also be entered as above.
  • /stat​ ​fps
This is used to toggle the in-game FPS counter since the F9 key has no effect in spectator mode.
  • /exit
This command is used to close the Paladins client.


All keybinds for the spectator mode. Num Lock MUST​ ​be​ ​enabled​ for spectator mode to function as intended.

Spectator​ ​Mode​ ​Keybinds​ ​and​ ​Controls[]

Function Default Keybind Explanation Notes
Pause/Play Pause/Break Toggleable Pause/Play function. Required for multi-observer sync prior to broadcast
Speed Up Time Page Up Speeds up time (fast forward) Do NOT speed up time more than three times (three keypresses) in a row, or spectator mode will crash
Slow Down Time Page Down Slows down time (reduce fast forward to default playback speed and slow-motion)
Return To Start Home Returns the replay from its current playback time to the start of the replay DO​ ​NOT​ ​PRESS,​ ​WILL CAUSE​ ​CRASHES
Step Time Back , Steps the replay back from its current playback time by a set value DO​ ​NOT​ ​PRESS,​ ​WILL CAUSE​ ​CRASHES​ ​OR BUGS
Scoreboard TAB Brings up the in-game scoreboard
Free Mouse (hold) Spacebar/Left Alt Free mouse
Hide Overlay P Hides the in-game overlay. Three stages, cycles through
Toggle X-ray O Turn ON or OFF the coloured edges of the champions, making them visibles through walls Coloured edges won't turn ON when the replay is paused

Camera​ ​Controls[]

Function Default Keybind Explanation Notes
Select PlayerCam Numpad 0-9 Selects the corresponding playercam (first person)

F​ ​Key​ ​Controls[]

Function Default Keybind Explanation Notes
Show Player Skills F1 Shows a Champion's skills and cooldowns in 1st person mode
Show Player Items F2 Shows a Champion's items in 1st person mode
Show Player Loadout F3 Shows a Champion's loadout in 1st person mode
Team UI (compact) F5 Shows the compact Team UI (only champion portraits, horizontal orientation)
Team UI (items) F6 Shows the Team UI with items and playernames
Team UI (loadouts) F7 Shows the Team UI with loadouts and playernames
Team UI (KDA) F8 Shows the Team UI with KDA and playernames

Stat​ ​Menus[]

Function Default Keybind Explanation Notes
Net Worth 1 Shows the Net Worth bar chart
Damage Dealt 2 Shows the Damage Dealt bar chart
Damage Shielded 3 Shows the Damage Shielded bar chart
Healing 4 Shows the Healing bar chart
Objective Time 5 Shows the Objective Time bar chart (values inseconds)
Close open Stat Menus 0 Closes open stat menus

Freecam​ ​Controls[]

Function Default Keybind Explanation Notes
Move Forward W Move Forward on horizontal plane
Move Backwards S Move Backwards on horizontal plane
Move Left A Move Left on horizontal plane
Move Right D Move Right on horizontal plane
Ascend E Ascend on vertical axis
Descend Q Descend on vertical axis
Increase movement speed Left Shift Freecam moves faster

Camera​ ​Perspectives[]

Function Default Keybind Explanation Notes
View Action X
Alternative Camera Mode Numpad *
Reset Camera Mode Numpad / Press​ ​this​ ​then​ ​playercam​ ​key​ ​if​ ​one​ ​of​ ​the above​ ​is​ ​pressed



  • Suitable PC setup for gameplay and broadcast
  • 2x audio outputs
  • Suitable broadcast software (OBS/xsplit)

Before broadcast begins, ensure the following:

  • DND is active.
  • At least one friend is online to provide an alternative system chat to the chat box.

Game​ ​End:

  • Pre-hover the scoreboard tab in preparation to switch immediately to that screen. Remember thatthere is no Top Play shown in spectator mode.

Replay/Demo​ ​Playback[]

If replaying a pre-spectated game from a replay ID or a demo file, no champion drafting will be shown.

Replay​ ​ID[]

Use the command “/replay​ ​<Instance​ ​ID>”​. A spectator password may need to be entered here.

Demo​ ​Playback[]

Paladins supports local demo file playback of pre-spectated games. When spectating a game, a “.demo” file is streamed to your PC. This can be found in the directory:

\\Documents\My​ ​Games\paladinslive\ChaosGame\Demos

By default this will be named “stream<InstanceID>.demo”​ and is overwritten every time a new game is spectated. However, if this file is renamed it will not be overwritten. Demo files in this directory can be replayed directly which presents the following advantages; since the replay data is not having to be streamed to the observer’s PC, a game can be fast forwarded through without catching up to the inherent limit of downloaded data. This also prevents stasis mode from occurring. Additionally, demo files can be transferred easily and quickly from observer to observer via the internet for simplified delayed broadcast.

Saving​ ​a​ ​demo​ ​file[]

  1. After spectating a game, locate the demo file directory.
  2. Locate the streamed demo file as described as above and change it’s filename to whatever best suits the game in question.

Replaying​ ​from​ ​a​ ​demo​ ​file[]

  1. Locate and note the filename of the demo file you wish to :​ ​replay.
  2. Use the command /demoplay​ ​<filename>​ in system chat and repeat the steps for live spectating. As with replaying, champion drafting will not be displayed. A spectator password may need to be entered here.



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