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Status Effects are negative conditions in Paladins. They usually afflict the targeted Champions with some kind of penalty, and the effect wears off over time or by moving out of the affected area. The effectiveness and the duration of many negative Status Effects can be reduced with Card Resilience Unbound or Card Illuminate Sentinel.

Crowd Control[ | ]

Crowd Control effects limit Champion's actions or displace them.

Abilities able to interrupt Movement Abilities are referred to as Hard Crowd Control (Hard CC).

Crowd Control (CC) Hard CC
Debuff Banish Banish  •  Debuff Cripple Cripple  •  Debuff Fear Fear  •  Debuff Knockback Knockup  •  Debuff Chicken Polymorph  •  Debuff Root Root  •  Debuff Silence Silence  •  Debuff Stun Stun  •  Debuff VoidGrip Void Grip
Soft CC
Debuff Knockback Knockback

Debuffs[ | ]

Debuffs decrease Champion's stats or deal Damage over Time.

Debuff Burn Burn  •  Debuff DamageTaken Damage Taken  •  Debuff Mark Mark  •  Debuff Poison Poison  •  Debuff Poison Healing Reduction  •  Debuff Reveal Reveal  •  Debuff Slow Slow

Irregular Status Effects[ | ]

Status effects that are unusual, unclear or not specified in the game.

Debuff StickyBomb Sticky Bomb[ | ]

Sticky Bomb indicates how many of Bomb King's Sticky Bombs are currently attached to the target. Sticky Bombs stick to Champions for up to 2s and can be cleansed.

Champion BombKing IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon
Bomb King
WeaponAttack Bomb King IconTransparentChampion-icon

Sticky Bombs

Debuff Daze Flashbang[ | ]

Flashbang blinds enemies near its explosion for up to 3s. Blind duration depends on how far the target is from the explosion's center. Cannot see revealed targets through blindness. Flashbang's duration is affected by Resilience.

Champion Strix IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon
Ability FlashbangTransparentChampion-icon


Debuff Disarm Disarm[ | ]

Disarm prevents the target from using weapon basic attacks for the duration.

Champion Kasumi IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon
Ability Bitter BetrayalTransparentChampion-icon

Bitter Betrayal

Debuff Freeze Freeze[ | ]

Freeze slows the target for the duration.

Champion VII IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon
WeaponAttack VII IconTransparentChampion-icon
Talent required

Heavy SMG - Automatic
Requires Tribunal Upgrades
Talent VII TribunalUpgradesTransparentChampion-icon

Debuff Midnight Midnight[ | ]

Midnight restricts the target's vision to a 30-unit radius for 4s. Midnight's duration is affected by Resilience but has a minimum duration of 2s. Becoming CC Immune cleanses Midnight.

Champion Maeve IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon
Ability MidnightTransparentChampion-icon


Countering[ | ]

Unbound[ | ]

Card Resilience Unbound passively reduces the duration and effectiveness of Crowd Control effects except for slows, knockbacks and knockups for the whole match. It also affects the duration of Midnight and Flashbang.

Sentinel[ | ]

Card Illuminate Sentinel passively reduces the effectiveness of slows, knockups and knockbacks for the whole match.

CC Immunity[ | ]

Crowd Control Immunity prevents your Champion from being affected by Crowd Control effects but he can still receive Debuffs with the exception of Slows.

Ethereal (State)[ | ]

Champions that become Ethereal can't have their current Health decreased and can't be affected by Crowd Control effects and Debuffs. Additionally, they ignore collisions with enemy Champions and projectiles.

Cleanses[ | ]

Cleanses remove all Crowd Control effects and Debuffs upon activation and prevent them for the duration, they also remove Bomb King's Sticky Bombs.

Diminishing returns[ | ]

Diminishing returns is a mechanic that makes many different types of effects, including Debuffs, less effective when stacked upon an affected target.

For example a Champion has 3 Slow debuffs applied: 60%, 50% and 40%. The Champion is guaranteed to get the full value from the 60% debuff, the other will diminish on top of that 60%. Their total Slow will be 75.75%.

Additionally, attributes that oppose each other will stack their diminished values additively against each other. Movement Speed opposes Slow. Damage Reduction opposes Damage Taken debuffs. Healing Increase opposes Healing Reduction.

Unused Status Effects[ | ]

These effects were either removed, or replaced on later updates.

Debuff AttackSpeedSlow Attack Speed Slow[ | ]

Attack Speed Slow reduces the target's weapon firing rate for the duration.

Debuff Bleed Bleed[ | ]

Bleed causes the target to take damage over time for the duration.

Debuff Confused Confusion[ | ]

Confusion causes the target's user interface to work incorrectly, making it harder to distinguish allies from foes for the duration.

Debuff Daze Daze[ | ]

Daze reduces the accuracy of the target's weapon basic attacks for the duration.

Debuff Poison Zombie[ | ]

Zombie nullifies any healing the target receives for the duration.


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