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{{Chest|name of the chest|<size>}}

for example:



Festive Chest.png Genie Chest.png Code Green Chest.png Valentine Chest.png Helios Force Chest.png Emporium Chest.png Overgrown Weapons Chest.png REKT Weapons Chest.png Summer Chest.png Festive Chest 2017.png Clockwork Chest.png Necromancer's Chest.png Deep Space Chest.png Samba Chest.png Booty Box Chest.png Little Box of Horrors Chest.png Feudal Chest.png World Wide Chest.png Diamond Chest.png Galaxy Chest.png Colossal Chest.png Lunar Chest.png Legendary Champion Chest.png Radiant Chest.png Helios Force Chest.png Battle Pass 1 Chest.png Ascension Peak Chest.png Dragon's Call Chest.png Rise of Furia Chest.png Voice Packs Chest.png Flair Chest.png Radiant Chest.png Colossal Chest.png Champion Skin Chest.png Weapon Chest.png Senpai Chest.png "Hamster"