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The Temple Isles were the former homes of the Ska'drin.[1] It is thought that once Makoa, the protector of the islands, was summoned away, it was no longer safe for the Ska'drin to remain. The various locations present appear to be rather unique, almost as if there's something going on behind-the-scenes. While the Ska'drin appear to have left the isles, there may be other unseen areas that are inhabited.[1] It is here where Serpent Beach, Frog Isle, Jaguar Falls, and Primal Court are located.

Trials of the Realm Bios[edit | edit source]

Serpent Beach
"Serpent Beach is among few Ska'drin ruins still standing along the mainland coast. Its silent stones tell the sorrowful story of its long-removed inhabitants. No wonder it seems to always be under perpetual night."[2]

Frog Isle
"It is hard not to revel under the joyful statues of Frog Isle. Those that visit the island are blessed with renewed purpose, as if any disappointment of what was lost is replaced with pride for what can be once again."[3]

Jaguar Falls
"The trees and vines of the island temple cast dancing silhouettes over the beautiful flowing falls. But don't be distracted by the tranquil display; something may be watching from the shadows."[4]


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