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The Abyss is a dark and mysterious place connected to the Realm. Home to demonic Abyssal Lords that feast on souls, what originates from the Abyss is often best left there.

The maps Abyss, Throne, and the Abyssal Spire from the Rise of Furia event are all located in the Abyss.

Trials of the Realm Bios[]

Fields of Strife
"The Domain of the Abyssal Lord Raum. Souls suffer endless battle, only to be broken again and again by the Rage of the Abyss himself."[1]

Fields of Strife (Shadows Update)
"The Domain of the Abyssal Lord Raum. Souls suffer endless battle, only to be broken again and again by the Rage of the Abyss himself. These fields hunger for souls who have close enough to the Abyss to have crossed through it. The Hand of Justice is one who has heretofor escaped such a fate."[2]

Seas of Despair
"A grim ship sails forth on a black horizon, buffeted by waves of lost souls in anguish. The Seas of Despair belong to the Abyssal Admiral Dredge, and its cold dark depths mirror that of his own wretched heart."[3]

The Rift
"An infernal gate between the Realm and the Abyss. It first emerged from the ruins of Seris, but has since been untethered. The rift now appears throughout the realm at the behest of an unseen force.[4]

Known Members[]

Types of Abyssal Creatures[]

Abyssal Lords[]

Abyssal Lord Dredge Icon.png Dredge (inhabiting Judd Roberts)

Champion Raum Icon.png Raum

Abyssal Lord Seris Icon.png Seris (possibly inhabiting Abby)

Abyssal Echoes[]

Vivian daywalker small.png Day Walker

Ying deathspeaker small.png Death Speaker

Viktor fullmoon small.png Full Moon

Fernando knightmare small.png Knightmare

Unknown Flying Creature[]

Card Apocalypse.png (from Raum's card Apocalypse)

Unknown Small Dragon-like Creature[]

Card War-Torn Plains.png (from Raum's card War-Torn Plains)

Unknown Abyssal Beast[]

Abyssal.PNG (from Furia's splash art)



  • In general, the Abyss is more likely to fully suppress, displace, or destroy the host's soul and personality in situations such as Seris, though this isn't necessarily always the case.[5]
  • Jenos initially believed the Darkness he was told of by Io was really the Abyss.
  • Dredge has the ability to summon Abyssal Echoes if needed, as shown in voice lines from said Abyssal Echoes, however, it is unknown if this ability is canon.
  • Seris was seen on both sides during the End Times event[6][7] and on the Magistrate's side during the Siege of Ascension Peak event.[8]
  • As implied here, the abyssal dragon from Rise of Furia may still be alive.
  • Androxus is not directly aligned with the Abyss, but is connected to it due to his curse, as revealed in Seris' spawn chatter line with him.
  • According to a loading screen tip found here, Androxus was cursed by an Abyssal Entity. It's unknown if this Entity is another champion or an unseen character.
  • Not every purple crystal is explicitly related to the Abyss, but many crystals that are related to the Abyss tend to be purple, as revealed here.
  • As revealed here, the Abyss is still around in the dark future Atlas is from.
  • The Abyss is in fact an entirely separate dimension and not in the middle of the ocean as the Realm map may imply. It was only put there so it could be represented on the map, as stated here.
  • As stated here, Abyssal Cultists exist and used to reside in Marauder's Port where they worshipped the kraken.
    • It also reveals one could enter the Abyss via the portal in the town of Seris, if it still exists that is.
  • As stated here, there are at least 3 different powers in the Abyss. It also reveals said powers may not be the best of friends.


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