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Feeling betrayed, Vora decides to unleash the Darkness monster Yagorath to destroy the Realm and everyone in it.


Ever since she was young, Vora had heard about how Io loved them all, cared for them, and would protect them no matter what, even though she was broken and not herself, Vora believed. She would make a promise, she would join the martial order of warriors and protect the ancient seals deep in the Shattered Desert that held the Darkness at bay; Vora would protect the Realm and keep everything peaceful.

But, with the escalating conflict of the Crystal War, both the Magistrate and Resistance were searching for some means to defeat the other once and for all. The two sides would eventually be drawn into the desert by the Legend of the Shattered Desert, of the power that had turned the once lush forest into a near lifeless desert, as well as being attracted by strange tears in reality.

Naturally, when the two sides met, conflict was inevitable. At first, they battled in the Shattered Desert itself over the strange tears in reality, before later coming into conflict yet again in the desert town of Bazaar. The conflict was extreme, and the surrounding area fell victim to the battle. The conflict continued in the town, Jenos eventually managing to convince Io to join the battle and attack Corvus, nearly killing him and sending him running for his life, and soon after, the battle was over, the Magistrate and Resistance leaving for their own agendas.

Bazaar and the Shattered Desert had been left in pieces, death and destruction, Vora was furious, not just at the Magistrate and Resistance, who claimed to fight for justice, but just destroyed her home and killed her fellow warriors in one of their pointless battles, all before leaving without helping pick up the pieces, but also at her goddess, Io, for not appearing when she was needed most, for allowing all the warriors to die, for letting this happen at all. Surrounded by the bodies of her fellow warriors, Vora's outlook changed, believing individuals such as herself were nothing but replaceable pawns for the gods and large factions in the Realm, Vora became furious, deciding she would put an end to this cycle of suffering by putting an end to the Realm itself. Vora whispered into the Darkness, and the Darkness whispered back, making Vora an offer, to which she accepted, breaking her promise and unleashing the ancient chaos once held in the very seals she guarded, turning her into the Harbinger of the End of the Realm.

Vora would first return to her former hometown of Bazaar, destroying the large center statue of Io, before coming into conflict with the time-traveler Atlas, as well as his future father, Lex.

Following this, Yagorath, the Darkness monster that had been unleashed by Vora, had fully emerged from the ancient seals that once held her. In an effort to prevent the Realm from falling yet again, Atlas gathered a group of champions and lead them all into the desert in the hopes of stopping the monster before it could grow too powerful. Despite the advantage in numbers, as well as having powerful allies such as Io, Jenos, Imani, and Valera assisting in battle, the group failed to defeat Yagorath, who either managed to defeat them all, or fled the battle to cause chaos.

Yagorath would begin her rampage through the Realm, coming into conflict with many different champions as she made her way north towards Crosswind Hold, where she would encounter the full force of the Magistrate. Vora meanwhile, would remain in the southern part of the Realm, attacking those she deemed as threats towards their plans, such as the legendary assassin: Vatu.

As Yagorath continued to cause chaos, the Magistrate once again called on all loyal houses such as House Aico to assist them, though this too would ultimately do little to impede Yagorath's progress.

It seemed as though all was lost, that the Realm would once again fall victim to the corruption of the Darkness. But, thanks to recent events in the Realm causing the Abyss' influence to grow stronger, one of the oldest and most powerful Pyre Lords tasked with keeping the Realm free from Abyssal influence, Azaan, would descend into the Realm. He would easily defeat Yagorath before giving the Realm their final warning: deal with the Abyss, or have it be dealt with, by any means deemed necessary.


This information comes from Vora, Yagorath, and Azaan's bios, Vora, Yagorath, Octavia, Vatu, Rei, and Azaan's teaser trailers (all linked below), their various Twitter teasers (also linked below), a large number of different dev statements, the Absolution Update Show, Rei's various teasers, Vora's card False Idol, and many of Yagorath's cards such End Of An Era, Out Of Time, Deadly Pursuit, Futile Efforts, The Great Worm, Last Efforts, Collateral Damage, and Towering Presence.


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