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The Enchanted Forest is located in the Eastern part of the Realm. It's connected with Greenwood, and is home to a number of different species, such as vulpins, faeries, and leiporis to name a few. Vulpins largely used to live in villages such as Brightmarsh until the Crystal War began, the leipori meanwhile appear to largely live in caverns under the forest known as 'The Burrows', while the faeries seem to reside deep within the forest itself. It is here where Brightmarsh is located. The Enchanted Forest also holds its own unique type of magic, which can be utilized by races such as the leipori.[1]

Trials of the Realm Bios[]

"With the Realm in strife, most of the Brightmarsh's buildings have fallen vacant, abruptly deserted when the Vulpin left to serve as medics for both sides of the Crystal War."[2]

Summer Court
"It is believed the fauna of The Summer Court instills great power, though none foolish enough to tempt the ire of the faeries has returned to tell tales of it."[3]

The Burrows
"Those who wander into the old Leipori lands may find themselves lost in The Burrows, a seemingly-endless and ever-shifting maze of caverns under the Enchanted Forest."[4]

Notable Inhabitants[]

Enchanted Forest[]



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