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The shrine to the Eternal Pyre in Seris, Crosswind Hold

The Eternal Pyre is a group of angel-like beings, such as the Pyre Lords, that are tasked with keeping the Realm free from the Abyss,[1] to the point they rarely intervene if the Abyss is not involved. They appear to be a widespread religion within the Realm, having churches dedicated to them, people praying to them, and even Valera seemingly partial towards them.[2]

Similarly to the Abyss, the Pyre also has their own separate dimension, which contains many entities within.[3]

Known Members[]



  • In general, the Pyre refines and purifies the materials it enhances, often taking a particular aspect of a person and cranking it up to 11, such as Sarah's rage.[4]
    • This process seems to suppress or destroy the individual though, with it being stated Sarah doesn't really exist anymore, and that Furia is more of a "Sarah-flavored embodiment of fury", having some aspects of Sarah such as her personality among other things.[5]
  • When asked if the Pyre is like heaven, it was described that the conflict between the Pyre and Abyss is more of a "light-vs-dark thing".
  • As also mentioned here, the Pyre is likely not inherently good.
  • Eagles are often symbols of the Pyre.[6]
  • The Pyre is all about absolutes.[7]
  • The village of Seris was home to one of the oldest active Churches of the Pyre prior to its destruction.[8]
  • While the Pyre shares some similarities with the Abyss, the two don't work exactly the same and have their individual rules for existence and where their 'champions' come from.[9]


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