The Fight of Ascension Peak

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This is Ascension Peak, for it was here that Jenos stepped into the sky and became one with the cosmos. Centuries passed as the faithful searched the stars, whispering that Jenos lived in the night sky. Most thought them mad. Many hopeful pilgrims arrived; lost souls, forever wishing they too could leave their past behind.

Until a broken soldier witnessed the impossible. The Ascended returned. Jenos revealed what he had seen among the stars: the countless wonders, the unimaginable power, and a darkness that would one day threaten the Realm.

The Ruby Throne Room was abuzz with the news: Jenos had returned. While her court gossiped, Lian spoke in hushed tones with a hulking figure: Khan, the Primus of House Aico, the General of its armies, and Chief Adviser to the Ruby Throne. If Jenos could be convinced to join the Magistrate's armies, Lian could end this war; a victory that would give House Aico more power than ever before.

The siege moves. Khan rallies his forces to battle, leading House Aico's royal guard to recruit the so-called god. And Khan does not take 'no' for an answer.

The Return of Jenos[edit | edit source]

Jenos ascends into the heavens during the Second Scourge of the goblins centuries ago, as revealed in his bio. A massive following of various individuals would stay at Ascension Peak hoping they too could move on and leave their hard pasts behind. Many, many generations later, after the dissolution of the Sentinels, the broken soldier, Buck, would arrive at Ascension Peak as a monk.

One faithful night, Jenos descends from the sky to encounter a lone monk still waiting - Buck. Jenos shares what he has learned and seen in the cosmos: the infinite power of the cosmos, grand and wonderous sights, and a Darkness that is to come; one which would threaten the entirety of the realm.

Siege of Ascension Peak[edit | edit source]

The Ruby Throne hears about Jenos returning and sends forces to Ascension Peak. Khan is tasked with recruiting the descended god to House Aico, as revealed here. However, Jenos had no interest in joining them. This is the beginning of the Siege of Ascension Peak.

With the help of the Resistance, Jenos repels the siege and defeats Khan, as revealed here.

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