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The Top Play was shown after every game of every game mode. It was removed along with the Killcam in Paladins 3.2 update. You can read about the full reasoning behind the removal in this developer blog.

During Top Play[]

An example of a Top Play on Brightmarsh.

After finishing any match, a screen would appear, introducing the Top Play of the Game to everyone in the match. The Top Play consists of:

  • The name of the player who got the top play
  • With which champion the player got the top play
  • The level of the champion
  • The title of the player
  • If the player has an active Battle Pass

Furthermore, the Champion's model will be shown and a short animation would play, followed by one of their Top Play voicelines.

After Top Play[]

After the clip ends, everyone will be redirected to the match details.

There was a minor glitch that instead of redirecting everyone to the match details, everyone would return to lobby, this would occur in servers with high latency.

Ways to get Top Play[]

There were three ways of getting a Top Play in Paladins;

  • Get a multikill higher than other players
  • Get a multikill with an ultimate
  • Whilst healing an ally that is landing multiple killing blows

Bugs and glitches[]

After Top Play was introduced to Paladins, multiple visuals glitches appeared in the game, those include:

  • Champions stuck in a "summoning mount" pose.
  • Champions stuck in a "A-Pose".
  • If the Top Play consists of you dying from an environmental death, the camera would visually glitch, mixing both firstperson and thirdperson.
  • A black screen with bots playing in the background, you had to restart the game to leave it.
  • If the player respawn at the same time the Top Play occurs, they stay locked in place.
  • Imani's ultimate becomes invisible.
  • If an user declines your friend request when the Top Play screen appears, your champion will stay half stuck on the ground. It will shortly fix itself later.


  • For some odd reason, emoting contributed to the Top Play. It was later removed. [1] [2]
  • Getting multikills with a champion's ultimate is worth 2x than a normal multikill.
  • If there was no eliminations in a match, no Top Play would be shown.
    • However, if you eliminate them once, it will be automatically the Top Play of the match.
  • Top Play lasted 20 seconds.
  • If you get a multikill higher than Hexakill it will only show the last three kills.


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