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Trade Row is a major trading location in the Realm, serving as the only major land connection between the north and south of the Realm. However, in recent times, trade between the north and south has been damaged by the constant skirmishes between the Magistrate and Resistance. This location also serves as Greenwood's border, which itself, is still active with trade. It is here in Trade Row where Trade District, Timber Mill, Fish Market, and Greenwood are located.

Trials of the Realm Bios[]

Trade District
"Once an affluent cultural hub, the Trade District shared a border with Greenwood and facilitated commerce between the North and South. However, constant skirmishes have left the city a shell of its former glory."[1]

Timber Mill
"The aptly named Timber Mill is built on a major waterway, allowing for the precious arborous resources of Greenwood to be swiftly transported to all corners of the Realm."[2]

Fish Market
"Constructed from the ships of the pirates who originally settled the area, Fish Market has become a bustling trade hub for the whole of Greenwood, easily accessible by both land and sea."[3]


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