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True Damage is a special type of damage that ignores any kind of Damage Reduction, being directly applied to the health of the target. However, while it ignores damage reduction, it is still negated by complete damage immunity and mostly don't ignore shields other than Executes. The name "True Damage" is an unofficial term.

True Damage by Champion[]

Champion Drogoz Icon.pngWinterEvent FreeRotationAll.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Ability Dragon Punch.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png

Dragon Punch
Champion Lex Icon.pngWinterEvent FreeRotationAll.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Ability The Law.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png

The Law
Champion Maeve Icon.pngWinterEvent FreeRotationAll.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Ability Pounce.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Talent required

Requires Street Justice
Talent Maeve StreetJustice.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Vora Icon.pngWinterEvent FreeRotationAll.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Ability Harbinger's Wrath.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png

Harbinger's Wrath
Champion Zhin Icon.pngWinterEvent FreeRotationAll.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Ability Spite.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Talent required

Requires Guillotine
Talent Zhin Guillotine.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
  • Dragon Punch deals 100% of the target's maximum health as true damage, ignoring shields, but not Damage Immunity.
  • The Law will execute targets below 65% health, if not protected by a shield.
  • Pounce, with Street Justice, executes targets below 35% health, ignoring shields, but not Damage Immunity.
  • Harbinger's Wrath will execute targets below 66% health, ignoring shields, but not Damage Immunity.
  • Spite, with Guillotine deals 100% of the target's maximum health over its duration as true damage. Personal shields will buff the target health, but not the damage dealt.


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