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Ultimate abilities (Commonly referred to by players as 'Ults') are the most powerful abilities in Paladins only available to a Champion once their Ultimate Meter has filled. The Ultimate Meter fills by dealing damage to enemy Champions or healing allies. This meter passively gains a 1% charge every 3.33s but can be actively increased by dealing damage to enemies and restoring the missing health of allies. The rate at which the Ultimate Meter fills can be increased by Card Morale Boost.png Morale Boost. Landing a Killing Blow on an enemy with a high killstreak grants an additional 10% ultimate charge for each kill streak after the 5th which scales as follows:

Enemy Kill Streak Bonus Ultimate Charge Gained
None 0%
Killing Spree (3 kills) 0%
Rampage (5 kills) 0%
Unstoppable (7 kills) 20%
Savage (9 kills) 40%
Immortal (11 kills) 60%
Godlike (13 kills) 80%
Annihilation!!! (15+ Kills) 100%

Using an ultimate will deplete the meter, allowing it to recharge. Progress towards an Ultimate persists through death. Some Ultimates will refund a portion of the meter when cancelled or if it fails to fire.

Considering how impactful these abilities can be, many people hold on to their ultimates for the perfect moment. The problem with this strategy is that the perfect opportunity may never present itself during a game. Guaranteeing a single kill or saving the teams healer is often a better decision than holding on to the ultimate for another 2 minutes. On the payload defense the player should consider the Comeback Mechanic because ultimates can decide if the team wins the next objective fight.

Ultimate Abilities[]

Champion Ultimate Ability Audio Cue(s) Description
Champion Androxus Icon.png Androxus Ability Accursed Arm.png Accursed Arm ▶️ “Death awaits you all!” (Self/Enemy) Take flight for 4s and mutate your Revolver. Your mutated Revolver shoots every 0.5s and deals 1000 damage in a 15-unit-radius area. Using this ability consumes 40% of your Ultimate charge and each shot consumes an additional 15%. This Revolver has a maximum Ammo count of 4 and a range of 400 units. Can be refired to cancel.
Champion Ash Icon.png Ash Ability Assert Dominance.png Assert Dominance ▶️ “Come on! Let's fight!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “I'll handle this!” (Ally)
Leap upward and forward through the air and slam your Banner into the ground, dealing 600 damage and Stunning enemies for 2s in an 30-unit radius on impact. This impact creates a Damage-Immune zone for yourself that lasts 8s. You must remain within the zone to receive its benefits.
Champion Atlas Icon.png Atlas Ability Exile.png Exile ▶️ “You're out of time!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Time is on our side!” (Ally)
Supercharge your chronon accelerator for 5s. While in this state, you have 3 modified chronon weapon shots that will Banish enemies for 4s. Banished enemies can not be interacted with by anyone. Using this ability consumes 40% of your Ultimate charge and each shot consumes an additional 20%. While using this ability, you are Immune to Crowd Control effects. Can be refired to cancel.
Champion Azaan Icon.png Azaan Ability Deliverance.png Deliverance ▶️BE PURGED FROM THIS REALM!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Their time has come!” (Ally)
Rise into the air for up to 6s, reducing the damage you take by 50%. Fire at the ground to throw your hammer, dealing 725 damage and applying Knockback on hit. Shortly after your hammer lands, teleport to it, dealing 250 additional damage and applying a large Knockback in an area.
Champion Barik Icon.png Barik Ability Dome Shield.png Dome Shield ▶️ “Last one standing wins!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Hunker down!” (Ally)
Create a Dome Shield and Deploy an additional Flamethrower Turret that deals 600 damage per second to enemies within 22 units. Dome Shield has 10,000 Health and lasts for 6s or until destroyed. The Shield is affected by Wrecker and the Turret is affected by Bulldozer.
Champion BettyLaBomba Icon.png Betty La Bomba Ability Long Live The Queen.png Long Live The Queen ▶️Viva la bomba!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “I'll do this myself!” (Ally)
Summon the biggest bomb in your arsenal and hop on, gaining the ability to control your flight. Hitting an enemy will cause an explosion, dealing 1900 damage and knocking the enemy and you away from each other. Reactivate this ability or fire to send the rocket flying out in a straight line towards where you are looking.
Champion BombKing Icon.png Bomb King Ability King Bomb.png King Bomb ▶️ “Give your king a big hug!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Don't deny me this embrace!” (Ally)
Embody your reign and become the King Bomb for 5s, able to roll around and explode with LeftMouseButton or by refiring the ability. While rolling, you are Immune to Crowd Control. This explosion deals 2500 damage, Stuns enemies for 2s, and applies a Knockback to yourself. This ability ignores Shields, is fully effective up to 5 units, and will hit enemies up to 45 units away. Colliding with an enemy will detonate King Bomb.
Champion Buck Icon.png Buck Ability Buck Wild.png Buck Wild ▶️ “Here's the wind up!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “I am the juggernaut!” (Ally)
Go Buck Wild, refilling your Ammo and increasing your Attack Speed by 60% for 6s.
Champion Cassie Icon.png Cassie Ability Scout.png Scout ▶️ “Go, Zigs!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Target Locked” (Ally)
Send your bird into the sky for 8s, Revealing enemies to allies and increasing your Movement Speed by 30%.
Champion Corvus Icon.png Corvus Ability Entropic Breach.png Entropic Breach ▶️ “Behold, the power of the ABYSS!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Let me save you from yourselves!” (Ally)
Channel the secrets of the Abyss. Rise up into the air, decreasing the damage you take by 60% and becoming Immune to Crowd Control. While hovering, you have limited movement and can target an area on the ground, dealing 15% of enemy targets' maximum health as damage and creating a charged area that persists for 6s, dealing 6.25% maximum Health as damage every 0.5s and Slowing enemies caught in it by 45%. This Slow persists for 0.5s after leaving the area. Can be reactivated to cancel.
Champion Dredge Icon.png Dredge Ability Kraken.png Kraken ▶️ “Release the Kraken!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “She hungers...” (Ally)
Create a rift at your target location, unleashing the Abyssal Kraken after 1.7s in a 25-unit radius. The Kraken deals 2500 damage and applies a Knockback to enemies hit.
Champion Drogoz Icon.png Drogoz Ability Dragon Punch.png Dragon Punch ▶️ “Behold, the dragon's fury!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “I must break you!” (Ally)
After 2s, unleash your fury to jet up to 400 units through the air, dealing 100% of your target's maximum Health as damage to the first enemy you collide with. You are Immune to Crowd Control while flying. Cannot hit targets Immune to damage. Cannot be mitigated by reduced damage taken. Ending this ability without hitting anyone refunds 30% Ultimate charge.
Champion Evie Icon.png Evie Ability Ice Storm.png Ice Storm ▶️ “Aah-choo!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Freeze, jerk!” (Ally)
Summon a massive Ice Storm that deals 40 damage every 0.25s, last 6s, and has a radius of 25 units. Enemies caught have their Movement Speed reduced by 60% and are Crippled.
Champion Fernando Icon.png Fernando Ability Immortal.png Immortal ▶️ “I will not die; not yet amigo!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Together, we are strong!” (Ally)
All allies, including yourself, within 70 units of you cannot be brought below 1500 Health or affected by Damage Over Time effects. This effect lasts 4s and can be refired to cancel. While channeling, you are Immune to Crowd Control and are able to fire Flame Lance, but your Movement Speed is reduced by 50%. This Slow does not stack with the Slow from Flame Lance.
Champion Furia Icon.png Furia Ability Inflame.png Inflame ▶️ “Show them... no mercy!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Incinerate them!” (Ally)
Channel the Pyre and become Immune for 2s. Afterwards, increase the Movement Speed and the damage done with weapons by 30% of you and your allies within 150 units. In addition, fully reload the weapons of all affected allies. This effect lasts 8s.
Champion Grohk Icon.png Grohk Ability Tempest.png Tempest ▶️ “Surging with power!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Ride the lightning!” (Ally)
Surge with elemental power and take flight for 5s, increasing your Movement Speed while channeling. While this ability is active, Slow and strike up to 3 nearby enemies for 200 damage while Healing up to 3 nearby allies for 350 every 0.5s. Allies affected by your Tempest also have their Movement Speed increased by 50% for 2s. Your Tempest has a radius of 50 units. Can be refired to cancel.
Champion Grover Icon.png Grover Ability Whirlwind.png Whirlwind ▶️ “The spirits... do not rest.” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Spring... has come!” (Ally)
Rapidly Heal allies within 40 units for 2500 every 1s. This effect lasts 4s. Can be refired to cancel.
Champion Imani Icon.png Imani Ability Dragons Call.png Dragon's Call ▶️ “Igmore Vonte Dracon!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Hear my call!” (Ally)
Summon and control a FrostFire-breathing Draconic Avatar for 20s after 1.5s of channeling. Can be refired to cancel. FrostFire breath deals 170 damage every 0.1s and is fully effective up to 105 units. Imani is Rooted and Immune to Crowd Control during this ability. Affected by Bulldozer.
Champion Inara Icon.png Inara Ability Seismic Crash.png Seismic Crash ▶️ “YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Strike now, friends!” (Ally)
Throw your spear, Piercing Shields and impacting the ground. This impact Stuns enemies for 2s and deals 500 damage in a 40-unit radius around its impact. Has a range of 300 units.
Champion Io Icon.png Io Ability Begone.png Begone ▶️ “Leave this realm!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Their course is set!” (Ally)
Project an ethereal manifestation of Luna and send it forward. Enemies caught will be pulled along the travel path and take 800 damage if they collide with a wall. You are Immune to damage while releasing Luna.
Champion Jenos Icon.png Jenos Ability Through Time and Space.png Through Time and Space ▶️ “Step into the light... AND PERISH!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “The stars spell their doom!” (Ally)
Lock yourself in place and concentrate for 1.2s, focusing the power of the cosmos to unleash a devastating beam of energy that passes through all obstacles and enemies, dealing 2400 damage. While charging this ability, you are Immune to Crowd Control effects.
Champion Khan Icon.png Khan Ability Overpower.png Overpower ▶️ “YOU'RE MINE!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “You are outmatched!” (Ally)
Target an enemy in sight and drag them to you through the air. While Overpowered, they are helpless and take 220 damage over the total hold duration. Can be fired to launch the victim away, dealing 700 damage in an area if they impact a surface. You are Immune to Crowd Control while this ability is active. Has a range of 180 units.
Champion Kinessa Icon.png Kinessa Ability Headhunter.png Headhunter ▶️ “Try and run!” (Self/Enemy) Channel your inner focus for 5s, dealing 50% increased damage with shots to the upper half of enemies. While this effect is active, Sniper Rifle shots do not consume Ammo.
Champion Koga Icon.png Koga Ability Cyclone Strike.png Cyclone Strike ▶️ “You're already dead!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Don't blink, you'll miss it!” (Ally)
Melt into the shadows, becoming Ethereal and dealing 1500 damage every 1s over 2s to anyone within 25 units of you. This damage bypasses Shields.
Champion Lex Icon.png Lex Ability The Law.png The Law ▶️ “No one escapes the LAW!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “I will pass judgement.” (Ally)
Release an infallible surge of Judgement, destroying Shields and Executing enemies at or below 65% Health. Deals 600 damage to enemies above 65% Health. Has a range of 120 units.
Champion Lian Icon.png Lian Ability Enlightenment.png Enlightenment ▶️ “KNEEL!” (Self/Enemy) Channel the power of your noble blood, taking 50% reduced damage for 1s, then fire a powerful blast that pierces enemies, dealing 1600 damage. Killing an enemy with Enlightenment refunds 50% of the Ultimate charge. Has a range of 300 units.
Champion Lillith Icon.png Lillith Ability Blood Moon.png Blood Moon ▶️ “A blood moon rises!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “They are ripe!” (Ally)
Lillith channels the Blood Moon, granting Allies 35% pure Lifesteal that is not affected by Anti-heal. Lillith takes 50% less damage and moves 50% slower while activating this ability. During this ability, Lillith has increased Movement Speed, jumps higher, and regenerates 525 Blood every 1s. Lasts for 8s.
Champion Maeve Icon.png Maeve Ability Midnight.png Midnight ▶️ “Good night...” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “They're blind!” (Ally)
Enemies within 300 units have their vision restricted to a 30-unit radius for 4s.
Champion Makoa Icon.png Makoa Ability Ancient Rage.png Ancient Rage ▶️ “You challenge Makoa?!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “I will not be stopped!” (Ally)
Call on the powers of the Ancients. Drop your cannon and start swinging your anchor, dealing 550 every 0.8s to enemies within 20 units in front of you. While this ability is active, you have 4000 increased maximum Health and are Immune to Crowd Control. This effect lasts 8s and can be refired to cancel.
Champion Mal'Damba Icon.png Mal'Damba Ability Dread Serpent.png Dread Serpent ▶️ “Sun de Wekono!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “The spirits join us!” (Ally)
Fire a dark vessel that explodes when it impacts, causing all enemies in a 40-unit radius to become Feared for 2s. Reactivate this ability to detonate the vessel early.
Champion Moji Icon.png Moji Ability Bon Appetit.png Bon Appetit ▶️ “Snack Time!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Abaly Kadabra!” (Ally)
Cast an arcane spell that Transforms a single victim into a treat. Coming into contact with your Transformed victim Executes them and prevents ability-based Revival. Effective up to 500 units.
Champion Octavia Icon.png Octavia Ability Creeping Barrage.png Creeping Barrage ▶️ “This, is our battlefield!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Push. Them. Back!” (Ally)
Rain down a laser barrage upon your enemies that deals 850 damage per beam – the Creeping Barrage is cast out in a devastating line in front of Octavia. The beam cluster is setup into two parts: a smaller targeting beam that deals 100 damage and destroys shields, if it makes contact, and the large damaging beam that deals 850 damage.
Champion Pip Icon.png Pip Ability Evil Mojo.png Evil Mojo ▶️ “Let's make this interesting...” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Special delivery!” (Ally)
Launch a mysterious flask that Polymorphs and deals 200 damage in a 40-unit radius, turning vulnerable enemies into helpless chickens for 4s. Chickens have 1500 Health and return to their previous state and Health values when the effect ends. Has a minimum Polymorph duration of 2s.
Champion Raum Icon.png Raum Ability Cataclysm.png Cataclysm ▶️ “Shatter!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Slaughter them!” (Ally)
Savagely stomp the ground and send forth a shockwave in a 45-degree cone that deals 999 damage and Stuns enemies for 1.2s. This ability Pierces enemies, destroys Shields and Deployable walls, and has a range of 100 units. You are rooted and Immune to Crowd Control while using this ability. You can turn up to 60 degrees in either direction after activation.
Champion Rei Icon.png Rei Ability Vivify.png Vivify ▶️ “Time to save the day!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “You've got this!” (Ally)
Unleash a burst of energy into your Linked ally and infuse them with life, making them Immune to damage for 2s and then Healing for 75% of their maximum Health after a brief delay. You also gain 50% Damage Reduction for the duration of Vivify as well as Healing 75% of your maximum Health after a brief delay.
Champion Ruckus Icon.png Ruckus Ability Hexa Fire.png Hexa Fire ▶️ “Bringin' out the big guns!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Go ahead, keep talking while you can.” (Ally)
After 1s, reveal 2 miniguns and rocket launchers that fire rapidly for 4s. The guns deal 120 damage every 0.04s and the launchers deal 250 damage every 0.25 seconds in a 10-unit-radius area. You take 10% reduced damage, but your Movement Speed is reduced by 75% while this effect is active. Ruckus is Immune to Crowd Control while this ability is active. Can be refired to cancel. Fully effective up to 200 units.
Champion Saati Icon.png Saati Ability Wallbang.png Wallbang ▶️ “Leaving so soon?” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Target practice!” (Ally)
Supercharge your Hand Cannon to fire up to 3 bullets. Each bullet Pierces the world and enemies, dealing 777 damage to anyone unlucky enough to be in the way.
Champion Seris Icon.png Seris Ability Convergence.png Convergence ▶️ “GAZE into the Abyss!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Gather around.” (Ally)
Cast your Soul Core onto the battlefield, causing a tear in reality to manifest 0.5s after it lands. Enemies within 60 units are dragged in and Stunned for 1.4s.
Champion ShaLin Icon.png Sha Lin Ability Heat Haze.png Heat Haze ▶️ “Your sight fails you!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Winds, hide me!” (Ally)
Enter Stealth and increase your Movement Speed by 30% for 8s. While active, you draw your Longbow 50% faster and Reveal yourself each time you fire.
Champion Skye Icon.png Skye Ability Toxic Time Bomb.png Time Bomb ▶️ “Time's ticking!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Your defenses are nothing!” (Ally)
Throw a bomb that deals up to 3000 damage and destroys all Shields after a 2.5s fuse time. Fully effective up to 25 units and will hit players up to 75 units.
Champion Strix Icon.png Strix Ability Flashbang.png Flashbang ▶️ “Flash out!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “I'm Gone!” (Ally)
Throw a Flashbang grenade that detonates on contact, Blinding neaby enemies for 3s. The Blind effect has a radius of 80 units.
Champion Talus Icon.png Talus Ability True Power.png True Power ▶️ “Ahhhhh... HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “This is my birthright!” (Ally)
After a brief charge-up, target an enemy and Teleport directly to them from anywhere, dealing 600 damage and applying Knockback. Time taken to Teleport depends on your distance from the targeted enemy.
Champion Terminus Icon.png Terminus Ability Reanimate.png Reanimate ▶️ “Once more I rise!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Please... Let me die... No! No!!!” (Ally)
Usable for up to 4s after dying. After 2.5s, Revive, dealing up to 2600 damage in a large necromantic explosion upon Revival. Fully effective up to 55 units.
Champion Tiberius Icon.png Tiberius Ability Blade Dance.png Blade Dance ▶️ “En Garde!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Attention all! A master's at work!” (Ally)
Flourish your Heavy Blade and gain the ability to use Striking Tigron and Whirling Blades up to 5 times for 15s.

Striking Tigron: Instantly dash forward in any direction, passing through all enemies and dealing 650 damage to any enemy hit. Whirling Blades: Launch yourself upwards, whirling your blade around you and becoming immune to damage. On landing, deal 900 damage to all enemies within 30 units.

Champion Torvald Icon.png Torvald Ability Hyper Beam.png Hyper Beam ▶️ “It's working, it's working!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Power overwhelming!” (Ally)
Channel a beam of energy that deals 60 damage every 0.1s and applies a massive Knockback to those caught in it. Hyper Beam lasts 2.35s, dealing up to 1410 damage, and has a range of 350 units. Cannot be canceled.
Champion Tyra Icon.png Tyra Ability Crossfire.png Crossfire ▶️ “Give them hell!” (Self/Enemy) Increase your Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 40% for 4.5s. During this effect, weapon shots will not consume Ammo. Can be refired to cancel.
Champion VII Icon.png VII Ability Decree 77.png Decree 77 ▶️ “Cerebral terror mod engaged!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Target's mind is compromised...” (Ally)
Target enemies with your Mask, locking onto them for 0.35s which then marks them – while enemies are marked you can refire his ultimate to trigger the mark, dealing 250 damage and fearing them for 2s. Can target up to 5 enemies and the duration is 5s.
Champion Vatu Icon.png Vatu Ability Nightfall.png Nightfall ▶️ “Your light flickers!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Witness true mastery...” (Ally)
Activate to start charging up. Reactivate to dash forward extremely quickly through enemies, dealing 800 damage and stunning enemies hit for 1.25s. Distance increases with charge duration. You are immune to Crowd Control while charging. Minimum charge is 0.5s, maximum charge is 2s, and will automatically fire after 3s. Cannot be canceled.
Champion Viktor Icon.png Viktor Ability Barrage.png Barrage ▶️ “Barrage, INCOMING!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “I'm not giving up!” (Ally)
Bring up your targeting binoculars to rain down damage on enemies. Target an enemy player to guide an artillery shell to their location, dealing 1400 damage in an area. Using this ability consumes 40% of your Ultimate charge, and each shell consumes an additional 20%. While using Barrage, your Movement Speed is reduced by 40%. Barrage's explosion has a radius of 20 units. Can be refired to cancel.
Champion Vivian Icon.png Vivian Ability Sentinels.png Sentinels ▶️ “Have you met my friends?” (Self/Enemy) Deploy 2 Sentinel Drones that fire energy blasts where you shoot your Light Machine Gun. Each Sentinel fires every 1s, dealing 150 damage in a 12-unit-radius area, and has 1600 Health. These Sentinel Drones last until you are killed or they are destroyed.
Champion Vora Icon.png Vora Ability Harbinger's Wrath.png Harbinger's Wrath ▶️ “ARMAGEDDON APPROACHES!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “I am the herald!” (Ally)
Channel your wrath to hunt your enemies, increasing your Movement Speed by 60% and decreasing the damage you take by 30%.
Select a target in range with LMB to hit them, Stunning, Crippling, and Silencing them. Enemies above 66% maximum Health take 1100 damage, while enemies at or below 66% maximum Health are Executed. This ability lasts 5s or until you select a target. Can be refired to cancel.
Champion Willo Icon.png Willo Ability Fae Flight.png Fae Flight ▶️ “Reach for the sky!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “Hahahaha!” (Ally)
Take to the skies and fly, gaining control of your movement in the air. Lasts 10s and can be refired to cancel. You are Immune to Crowd Control while this ability is active.
Champion Yagorath Icon.png Yagorath Ability Devour.png Devour ▶️ “This Realm will be consumed!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “The Maw hungers!” (Ally)
Target an enemy to start pulling them towards you, swapping your current Health for a new 3500-Health pool. Your target is immune to damage and Crowd Control and cannot move during this process, but can still fire their weapon at you. If your Health pool is depleted before they are devoured, you drop your target; otherwise, they are Executed. Can only be used in Planted form.
Champion Ying Icon.png Ying Ability Illusory Rift.png Illusory Rift ▶️ “Time to take charge!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “We are stronger together!” (Ally)
Shatter your mirror, restoring 600 Health to all allies every 1s for 8s. While active, you may Teleport to any ally with Dimensional Link.
Champion Zhin Icon.png Zhin Ability Spite.png Spite ▶️ “TZAARGHHhhhh!” (Self/Enemy)
▶️ “I am stronger!” (Ally)
Launch forward and Stun an enemy with a series of vicious melee attacks, dealing 2000 damage over 1.5s. While attacking, you are Immune to Crowd Control. Has a range of 90 units. Failing to hit an enemy will refund 30% Ultimate charge.


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