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As mentioned here, official in-game champion bios are meant to represent champions as they are at initial release, and it is unrealistic for them to constantly be updated every time something changes. This page is meant to be an unofficial updated version of every champion's lore collected in a quick and easy collection. Keep in mind, these descriptions are not official and may contain some inaccuracies. Content is also subject to change as more information is released. Some information is not included due to not being that important or directly relevant; other details and lore trivia on various champions can be found in the trivia section on individual champion pages.

Updated Bios[ | ]

Champion Androxus IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Once a noble lawman of the Outer Tribunal, Androxus and his former partner, Lex, were relentless in their pursuit of criminals and anything that threatened the natural order of the Realm. However, during a tragic confrontation with a sinister Abyssal entity claiming to be a goddess, Androxus changed; now afflicted with an otherworldly disease cursing him with an endless hunger for souls, Androxus abandoned his duties, quickly rising to the top of the most-wanted list. Though he seemingly wishes to redeem himself in the eyes of the Magistrate, Androxus is currently stuck with the curse for all eternity, as he's hunted down by his former partner.

During one notable encounter, Lex would almost defeat Androxus, only for Zhin and Maeve to join the fight. Later, Androxus would attack Ash while she was fighting Tyra, only for him to be quickly defeated.

Champion Ash IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

While lacking finesse and subtlety, Ash more than makes up for with her brutal tactics and general overkill, making a name for herself by volunteering for front-line duty using experimental heavy armor and siege weaponry, earning her the "War Machine" nickname. When the Crystal War broke out, Ash led the charge against the newly formed Resistance, shattering the Stagalla known as Terminus to pieces.

Following this, Ash would end up in a fight against Tyra near Ascension Peak, only to be attacked by Androxus before subsequently defeating him and continuing the original battle.

At an even later point, Ash would join Atlas as he led a group of champions into the Shattered Desert to fight Yagorath.

In the Lost Future, Ash was seemingly killed at some point.

Champion Atlas IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Atlas was born as the son of Lex in the Lost Future of the Realm, each day a fight for survival as Atlas and the other survivors worked towards defeating the Darkness responsible for this dark future. Though Atlas would lose one of his arms to the monsters, he would push on nonetheless, replacing his lost arm with a massive weapon. He and his fellow survivors continued the fight... until their final stand against the Darkness failed.

Out of desperation, Atlas studied old books regarding crystal magic, and eventually gained the ability to manipulate time itself. After researching old tales for possible sources of the Darkness, Atlas was eventually forced back in time after being cornered by the monsters.

Arriving in the Shattered Desert of the past, Atlas encountered the Resistance. Using their power, he managed to prevent both them and the Magistrate from releasing the Darkness as was told in the tales from the future.

However, the Darkness would later be unleashed by the former warrior of Io known as Vora, who would come into conflict with Atlas and Lex in the town of Bazaar, before later coming into conflict again when Atlas gathered a group of champions to travel into the Shattered Desert and defeat the Darkness monster Yagorath before it was too late, which ultimately failed. Though Atlas would continue to fight the beast as it rampaged throughout the Realm.

With Yagorath currently defeated by Azaan, Atlas may possibly retire if the Realm truly is free from corruption.

Champion Azaan IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

One of the oldest and most powerful of the Pyre Lords, Azaan has existed for centuries and seen countless reigns end, even once being king himself of a now long-forgotten kingdom.

Azaan is tasked with keeping the Realm free from Abyssal influence, and after centuries of not stepping foot into the Realm, recent events have upset the balance and allowed the Abyss to begin gaining power in the Realm. Azaan descended into the Realm, easily dispatching the other threat of Yagorath before giving the Realm their final warning: deal with the Abyss, or have it be dealt with, by any means deemed necessary.

Despite warning the Realm to deal with the Abyss themselves, Azaan proceeded to battle Dredge and Raum, though what occurred to the two remains unclear. Following these battles, Azaan began to feel the walls of reality start breaking down, with something even worse than Yagorath preparing to emerge from the other side. Looking back at how the Realm failed to stop Yagorath without him, Azaan determined they were incapable of protecting themselves should the Abyss ever launch a full-scale invasion. Both of these ultimately led Azaan to summon Dawnforge into the Realm, which is now in the process of creating a tear in reality between the Pyre and the Realm. Azaan plans to use the power of Dawnforge to stop this looming threat, but is also prepared to destroy the Realm itself if he must in order to prevent the Abyss from corrupting it.

However, as Dawnforge arrived in the Realm, the fortress was attacked by Nyx, with Azaan being easily defeated and restrained to watch what Nyx planned to do to the Realm.

Champion Barik IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

A clever inventor and resourceful engineer, Barik would eventually join the Magistrate facility known as Deepwerks, where he would help create many pieces of crystal-powered technology that initially swept the Realm following their discovery, notably creating new goblin mining suits, such as the one used by Ruckus, crystal-powered wings that would eventually come into the possession of Drogoz, and the various weapons later used by both the Magistrate and Resistance.

However, Barik would leave Deepwerks after a falling out with a corrupt Magistrate commander, instead pledging his allegiance to Valera and the Resistance.

Champion BettyLaBomba IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon
Betty La Bomba

Originally a Border Lord so feared none of other lords dared to defy her wishes, Betty had it all, wealth, looks, intelligence, but it wasn't enough, she wanted everything. So, during a fortress siege long ago, Betty decided the best way to breach her enemies' defenses would be to create walking bombs. She designed the details of this walking bomb, but was unable to actually create it, so she commissioned a warlock to make her design a reality with the use of crystals. However, something went wrong, and the warlock ended up accidentally bringing one of the larger bombs to life, which developed a mind of its own, becoming the delusional Bomb King, who proceeded to singlehandedly destroy Betty's entire army and domain before setting off to visit every land under his rule, which according to him, just so happened to be all of them.

After much time had passed, Betty decided the time had come to reclaim what was hers, returning her Bomb King to his rightful place under her thumb, and restarting her conquest of the Realm.

Champion BombKing IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon
Bomb King

During a fortress siege long ago, Betty La Bomba designed Bomb King to help in her conquest of the Realm. Though she was unable to create Bomb King, so a warlock was commissioned to bring Bomb King to life with the use of crystals. However, something would go wrong, and the warlock accidentally brought one of the larger bombs to life, which began to develop a mind of its own. After destroying Betty's entire army singlehandedly, the newly created Bomb King struck out on a delusional quest to visit every land under his rule, which just so happened to be all of them.

Champion Buck IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Originally a member of the Thousand Hands criminal empire, Buck would eventually leave and become a member of the Magistrate and their elite military group known as the Sentinels. Following the group's disastrous final mission and now finding himself broken without a purpose, Buck left once again, eventually climbing Ascension Peak and becoming a devoted monk, where he would later meet Jenos upon his return, and be shown the various cosmic wonders he had seen while in the cosmos, as well as a dark threat that would one day threaten the Realm. Following this, Buck would join the Resistance for unknown reasons.

After the defeat of Yagorath, Buck would join the New Resistance for similarly unclear reasons.

Champion Caspian IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

A notable thief wielding arcane weapons who spends his time enjoying himself and stealing, occasionally giving some of his stolen goods to people he likes.

At one point, he encountered and defeated two Abyssal entities approaching a chest, inside of which was an Abyssal headpiece. He later showed it to Saati and invited her to tag along with him.

Champion Cassie IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Watching her friends leave Greenwood to join the Crystal War, Cassie, a member of a bloodline connecting back to the original Paladins, lamented the curse that prevented her bloodline from leaving their home; that is, until a mysterious oracle offered her advice that would allow her to finally leave her homeland, a chance which Cassie took, despite the sacrifices she knew would haunt her. After taking her father's crossbow and her faithful hunting bird Zigs, Cassie raced off to join the fight, where she would join the Resistance's side. She would later battle Terminus, and eventually be recruited by Atlas to help fight Yagorath deep in the Shattered Desert.

According to Atlas, in the Lost Future, Cassie would end up dying at some point.

Champion Corvus IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

As the son of Grand Magister Karne, Corvus looked up to his father for all the good he's done and hoped he could one day become a legend like his father. So when Karne wanted Corvus to get into diplomacy and become an aristocrat, Corvus rebelled and joined the Outer Tribunal, believing action is what leads the Realm.

Corvus spent his early life in the Tribunal, with the experience shaping him, where he would encounter many supernatural and strange forces; these encounters led him to become the Magistrate's leading expert on the Abyss, gaining his knife and powers after constant exposure to Abyssal phenomenon.

Eventually joining the Magistrate itself, Corvus would attempt to avert a crisis in the village of Seris by offering a girl to the Abyssal portal present in the village. However, this would prove to backfire, as an Abyssal Lord would emerge from the portal, take the girl's body, and destroy the village; Corvus being one of the only survivors thanks to an unknown force. However, many in the Magistrate believed Corvus had gone too far.

At a later point, becoming desperate to end the Crystal War and the slaughter of innocents that accompanied it, Corvus would lead a group of soldiers through the Shattered Desert in search of the legend of the Shattered Desert, for the power that could turn lush forest to barren desert and give the Magistrate the power it needed to finally defeat the Resistance. However, Corvus would end up coming into conflict within the desert against the Resistance as well as the time-traveler Atlas, at first gaining the upper hand, only to be repelled when Io appeared to protect her people.

Having barely escaped with his life, Corvus became fearful and desperate, believing the Resistance had gained two godlike beings on their side, he feared the Magistrate's time was running out; so many men and women had already died in the war, Corvus was desperate to stop the slaughter, which the Abyss would take advantage of. Using the body of the girl who had been sacrificed at Seris, it appeared before him, offering him a force that would annihilate anything that stood in its way. Corvus would recklessly accept, unleashing the Abyssal Lord Raum into the Realm, who immediately left to cause destruction.

Releasing Raum would significantly damage Corvus' reputation, causing him to be tried for his crimes and exiled from the Magistrate. However, Corvus remains undeterred, and with those still loyal to him, he now attempts to utilize the power of the Abyss, despite his father's wishes, to defeat the Resistance, control the Abyss, and save the Realm.

Despite the prior deception, Corvus would seemingly work with Seris at a later point to combat Yagorath.

Following Yagorath's defeat, Corvus would seemingly set up camp for his group near Serpent Beach, only for it to later come under the attack of VII, resulting in many of Corvus' men dying, with Corvus himself gravely wounded and left for dead. He would be brought in by Lian, with her calling on an old friend, Lillith, to save his life. Following this, Corvus rejoined the Magistrate, which was now under House Aico's command.

In the Lost Future, Corvus was the one responsible for unleashing the Darkness, seemingly being killed in the explosion following his release of the monstrous force.

Champion Dredge IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Judd Roberts, also known as Admiral Dredge, was the most feared pirate of the Eight Oceans, until one treasure ended up being more than he bargained for. Attracted by the power of ancient Warder Relics carried by the Resistance, Judd easily stole the treasure from them with his superior skill on the open waters; however, the Warder dragon found him unworthy of carrying the relics, attacking his ship, to which Judd stood no chance, sending the pirate down to what should have been his watery grave.

But deep in the depths, Judd encountered the Abyssal Lord Dredge, who took control of his body and returned to the land of the living. Admiral Dredge would reclaim the Warder Relics before docking at his hideout of Marauder's Port. He was later defeated by Imani, who came to retrieve what was stolen from her.

Following Yagorath's defeat, Dredge would battle against Azaan, though the outcome of this battle is currently unknown.

Champion Drogoz IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Once the servant of a vicious dragon ruler, Drogoz escaped his servitude using a pair of crystal-powered wings created by Barik. Now free, Drogoz rampages through the Realm as he builds his own hoard of gold, one to rival that of the true dragons.

Champion Evie IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Over the course of a single night, the power-hungry Evie went from apprentice sorceress to Winter Witch following her clever imprisonment of a greater frost Elemental within a magical gemstone, though this came at the cost of no longer being welcome in her home village.

However, Evie found her talents to be in high demand with the Resistance and their battle against the Magistrate. Her true motivations remain unclear, as does how much longer she can prevent the elemental from taking over her mind.

Champion Fernando IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

When the knight he served met his untimely fate, Fernando took up the identity and personality of his former master, his lack of formal training and not being of noble birth being irrelevant to him. From there, Fernando wandered from one adventure to the next, making a name for himself throughout the Realm. When the Magistrate called on all loyal houses to assist them in their battle against the Resistance, Fernando answered the call with pride. So long as he can keep his secret safe, he may end up becoming the champion he believes he can be.

Following the defeat of Yagorath, with Karne entrusting House Aico leadership of the Magistrate, Fernando remained with the group.

Champion Furia IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Sarah once lived peacefully in the village of Seris alongside her sister, Abby; that is, until Corvus arrived, believing sacrificing an individual to the Abyssal portal present in the village would prevent any disasters from occurring. Sarah tried to fight the Magistrate, to prevent her sister from being taken, but a normal girl was no match for the Magistrate, and Abby was taken away.

With nothing left but a lock of Abby's hair, Sarah turned to the Eternal Pyre, where she prayed for the strength to fight the Abyss and prevent anyone from being lost to it again. As the village of Seris was destroyed, the Pyre answered her prayers, causing a Pyre Entity to merge with her, transforming the two into Furia, the Angel of Vengeance.

Furia would enter the Abyss and destroy the Abyssal Lord that had taken her sister; she'd also launch an attack against the Magistrate, causing much destruction and severely injuring many, most notably Octavia, before later joining the Resistance.

Following Yagorath's release, she would assist Atlas during one of his many battles against the beast, with her later fighting in another battle against Yagorath alongside Octavia in Crosswind Hold, before Azaan would arrive to defeat the monster.

According to Atlas, in the Lost Future, Furia would end up dying at some point.

Champion Grohk IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Following being struck several times by lighting, Grohk eventually realized he'd been imbued with electrical powers; which he used to defend his tribe, the Red River Orcs, from a goblin attack. This prompted his tribe to appoint him as chieftain, believing his powers were a sign from the weather spirits. But with the growing Crystal War, Grohk decided to join the battle between the Magistrate and Resistance himself.

Champion Grover IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

When nature is threatened, it fights back, which is exactly what Grover is. Having defended the Realm from the old Goblin Scourges of the past, Grover awoke once again when nature was threatened by the growing conflict between the Magistrate and Resistance. Despite his opposition to the war in general, Grover would later join the Resistance for some reason.

According to Atlas, in the Lost Future, Grover would end up dying at some point.

Champion Imani IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

The last known member of the old group called the Warders. When their beacon was lit, Imani was the only one left to answer the call, though she came back late and missed the battle between the Magistrate and Resistance. Using a magical book as well as a few crystals, Imani tracked her gauntlets to Marauder's Port, where they had been stolen by Dredge. She travelled there, easily defeating the shocked Abyssal Lord and reclaiming her gauntlets. Having found traces of the Resistance back at the beacon, Imani traveled to their base, believing them to be the ones who'd lit the call. Once learning who had really lit the beacon and their goals, Imani joined them to prevent the Darkness, which she initially believed to be the Abyss, from destroying the Realm, preventing Corvus from unleashing it during the battle at Bazaar, and later working with various other champions to fight Yagorath.

According to Atlas, in the Lost Future, Imani would end up dying at some point.

Champion Inara IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Created long ago to help the original Paladins fight off the old Goblin Scourges of the past, Inara, alongside her partner, Terminus, was woken from her centuries-long slumber by Valera during the Crystal War to fight for her side. Though Inara was reluctant to join, she was oath-bound to accept.

During an early battle between the Magistrate and Resistance, Terminus would be destroyed and seemingly killed by Ash, filling Inara with rage, causing her to rally the Resistance and throw herself into battle with every fiber of her being.

According to Atlas, in the Lost Future, Inara would end up dying at some point.

Champion Io IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Io watched over the Realm for eons, waiting, dreaming of the day she could finally meet those who lived within. Io's dream would come true, but not in the way she'd hoped, for Yagorath would unexpectedly collide with the moon, shattering it to pieces, which shattered Io herself, splitting her into multiple entities and severely weakening her. Some of these pieces fell into the Realm itself, and on these shards, came Io, along with the Darkness that had broken her. Io was fragmented, unable to sustain her true form, yet despite that, her followers watched over and cared for the pieces of her that had fallen, along with guarding the pieces which contained Yagorath, all while Io herself hid away in the shadows for centuries, Luna, a piece of Io split from her original form, being the only part of her that accompanied the followers through this hard time.

Io continued to hide, until the home of her followers became the conflict of yet another battle between the Magistrate and Resistance. Io didn't wish to fight, but also didn't want to see her people hurt. Eventually, her contemporary, Jenos, who'd been participating in the battle himself, urged her to join the fight as well. And so, after centuries of hiding, Io created a new form for herself and appeared once more to fight for her people. She'd successfully chase the Magistrate away after severely injuring Corvus, while later assisting Atlas in one of his battles against Yagorath.

Champion Jenos IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Once simply a young monk and reprieve of the Second Goblin Scourge, Jenos climbed Ascension Peak in search of greater wisdom, where he eventually found his answers in the stars, allowing him to ascend into the cosmos himself, where he remained for nearly a century, leaving behind a group of loyal followers.

Eventually, Jenos would return. He had seen countless wonders in the cosmos, talked with powerful forces, and learned of a dangerous threat that would one day threaten the Realm. He shared this information with Buck, who was a monk at the time, and soon enough, news began to spread of Jenos' return. As news spread, Jenos left to accomplish his goals of stopping the force he was told of in the stars, believing it to be the Abyss, the first step of Jenos' plan being to light the Warders's beacon in an effort to recruit himself powerful allies.

The news of Jenos' return eventually reached House Aico, and the head of the house, Lian, decided to recruit Jenos into their ranks, with Khan, the Primus of the house, being sent to bring the self-proclaimed god back. Jenos returned to Ascension Peak once more to give his response, however, it was not what House Aico wanted to hear, but Khan wasn't one to take "no" for an answer, leading to Siege of Ascension Peak.

Jenos would eventually repel the siege and leave for the Resistance's base to witness the outcome of events that followed the beacon being lit. Only one Warder, Imani, was left to answer the call. Following this, Jenos would partake in the battle at Bazaar and later urge the moon goddess Io to join the fight as well, which she would accept.

According to Atlas, in the Lost Future, Jenos would end up dying at some point.

Champion Kasumi IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Eons ago, Kasumi was originally a regular human, but after three unexplained betrayals, she was filled with such vengeance she persisted after death and became a ghost, haunting forests in the furthest corners of the Realm, where she attacks and kills everyone she comes across until she figures out who she wants vengeance on.

Champion Khan IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Once a normal captain for House Aico, after doing everything in his power to ensure House Aico's banner remained upright in a loyalty test disguised as one of strength, Khan's devotion paid off, and he was promoted to Primus of House Aico, Lian's personal advisor and protector.

When news that the self-proclaimed god, Jenos, had returned, Khan was tasked with recruiting him into House Aico's ranks. Though Jenos refused, Khan is not someone who takes "no" for an answer, leading to Siege of Ascension Peak, though unfortunately for Khan, the siege would end in failure.

Following this, when the Magistrate called on the royal houses to assist in defending the Realm from Yagorath, Khan was sent into battle alongside Rei, both to help fight the beast, as well as to retrieve a special codex from the Aico Library in Crosswind Hold.

After Yagorath had been defeated and leadership of the Magistrate was entrusted to House Aico, Khan naturally remained with the group and led the following parade through Crosswind Hold.

Following Lian bringing in the dying Corvus, Khan would remain by Lian's side, almost ending up in a fight with Lillith, whom Lian had called to help save Corvus.

Champion Kinessa IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Once a young recruit in the elite Magistrate unit known as the Sentinels, Kinessa's eagerness was enough to surprise her mentors such as Strix. However, this soon changed, as Kinessa grew frustrated with the rigors of military life, and also thought it overall more lucrative to simply be a mercenary for hire, leading to her leaving before even finishing her training and begin accepting vigilante contracts; which there was no shortage of as the Realm fell into war.

Much later, following the defeat of Yagorath, as well as House Aico taking control of the Magistrate, Kinessa rejoined the group.

Champion Koga IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Originally a nameless thief and street rat, he was one of the few with enough courage to challenge Zhin, leader of the Thousand Hands directly. This bravery impressed Zhin, and he took the boy in, giving him a new life, a new family, and his new name: Koga. In time, Koga became their finest ninja.

But eventually, jealousy sprouted in other members of the guild, causing lies and false evidence to be planted against him, which unfortunately Zhin believed; his ensuing rage so great Koga was forced to flee.

With the Magistrate and Thousand Hands hunting him, Koga swore vengeance on the one responsible for his exile. He joined the Resistance for unknown reasons, though his goal of vengeance remains his priority. Eventually, he returned to the Thousand Hands to take his revenge, but before he could face Zhin directly, he was interrupted by Skye.

While they all survived, Koga retreated back to the Resistance, accompanying the group as they journeyed into the Shattered Desert.

Following House Aico gaining leadership of the Magistrate, Koga joined Zhin's New Resistance, though why he seems to have no issue working with Zhin once more, despite the past conflict, is unknown.

According to Atlas, in the Lost Future, Koga would end up dying at some point.

Champion Lex IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

The most merciless and oathbound judge of the Outer Tribunal, Lex used to work alongside Androxus, with the two battling all sorts of criminals and threats to the Realm; that is, until a tragic confrontation with a sinister Abyssal entity claiming to be a goddess changed Androxus, who abandoned his duties and quickly rose to the top of the most-wanted list. Now wielding his former partner's own magnum, Lex will stop at nothing to bring his old friend in dead or alive.

In one notable encounter with Androxus, Lex nearly defeated him, only for Zhin and Maeve to join the fight, though the outcome of this encounter is unclear. At a later point, Lex would also save Pip.

Following Yagorath's release, Lex would work with Atlas to fight Vora at Bazaar, before later joining him once again to battle Yagorath in the Shattered Desert, where Lex would be severely injured; seemingly narrowly avoiding death and being pulled into the Fields of Strife in the Abyss.

In the Lost Future, Lex would marry and become the father of Atlas, though he was seemingly killed while Atlas was still young, falling victim to Yagorath herself in Bazaar.

Champion Lian IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

While Lian had schemed her way into setting herself up as the legitimate heiress of the Ruby Throne, her sincere dedication to her family's legacy and skill with the rifle won her the respect of of her family's royal guard, as well as the title of "Scion".

When the Magistrate called on all loyal houses to aid them in their battle against the Resistance, Lian was honor-bound to accept, journeying from her far-off homeland to represent her house alongside her personal advisor and protector, Khan.

Following this, news would eventually reach House Aico of the self-proclaimed god, Jenos', return from the cosmos. Lian decided to attempt and recruit Jenos into House Aico's ranks, and sent Khan to bring him back. Though while Khan was dedicated to bringing Jenos back, House Aico was ultimately unsuccessful in recruiting the self-proclaimed god. When news of Ascension Peak reached Karne, he was not pleased with Lian.

Despite this, when the Magistrate called on the royal houses to assist in defending the Realm from Yagorath, Lian accepted the call to arms, sending Rei and Khan to assist in battle, as well as to retrieve a special codex from the Aico Library in Crosswind Hold.

Following Yagorath's defeat, Karne believed he had failed, leading to him entrusting leadership of the Magistrate to Lian and House Aico. While people celebrated the new promises of peace, under House Aico's rule, the discrimination against the Ska'drin became far worse.

Later, when Corvus was gravely injured and left for dead, Lian brought him in and called on her old friend, Lillith, in an attempt to save his life.

Champion Lillith IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Once a loyal defender of the Magistrate, Lillith was originally a Border Lord in the far off lands ruled by Lian; though this all changed during a border incursion by Resistance fighters, gravely injuring Lillith, nearly resulting in her death.

However, as she crawled from the battle, the Abyss reached out and offered her a gift, one too powerful to refuse. Lillith accepted, and she was reborn as an Abyssal vampire. Now, Lillith rules from her dark corner of the Realm that was once Magistrate territory, utilizing her blood magic to make deals regarding life and death to spread her gift throughout the Realm.

Following House Aico's takeover of the Magistrate, Lian would call upon Lillith to save Corvus, who had recently been attacked and left for dead by VII. After discussing terms, Lillith revived Corvus before subsequently joining Lian once more.

Champion Maeve IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

A tigron-human hybrid, Maeve is an orphan who grew up on the streets, leading a hard life where she needed to steal and be quick to survive, which as a result, led to her getting into many fights, once even attempting to rob the tigron weapon master, Tiberius. As a result of this hard life and constant fights, Maeve eventually became a master of blades and made a name for herself as a skilled thief and knife-fighter, using her enhanced agility, tigron abilities, and most notably, her magical longcoat she stole from the Magistrate's Archives, to take whatever she may desire, even from her own clients.

At one point, she'd end up assisting Lex in a fight against Androxus and Zhin.

Champion Makoa IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

The dedicated protector of the Temple Isles, Makoa has since been summoned to the mainland by an unknown force, where he eventually joined the Resistance for some reason.

According to Atlas, in the Lost Future, Makoa would end up dying at some point.

Champion Mal'Damba IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Formerly a normal Ska'drin island witchdoctor, Mal'Damba became the champion of Wekono, Mother of Sorrow and Revenge, when the goddess turned her gaze to the mortal world in the current cycle. Mal'Damba is now tasked with evangelizing her faith by laying waste to any who would stand against Wekono.

Champion Moji IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

With the Crystal War waging across the Realm and the other Leipori fleeing into the forests, Moji stood her ground, taking it upon herself to summon the great nature spirits to defend the Realm. Though she would encounter a few unforeseen interruptions in the form of Skye and Yagorath.

Champion Nyx IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Originally one of the Pyre Lords that battled in the seemingly eternal war against the Abyss, over time, Nyx grew disillusioned with the Pyre's controlling nature and disregard for throwing away countless lives. Eventually approached by the Abyssal Lord that would one day become known as Seris, the two plotted Nyx's betrayal.

Arriving in the Abyss via one of the Abyssal Lord's portals, Nyx found herself within the fortress of a different Lord. She slaughtered everyone that stood in her way, which cemented her as an Abyssal Lord herself, while the others, such as the original Lord of the fortress, had their names forgotten to time.

As the years passed, Nyx began to physically change; coupled with the growing army behind her, Nyx offers power to those willing to accept it, with the ultimate goal of bringing a new age of chaos and freedom to the Realm, a force united through the chaos of free will, one strong enough to overwhelm the Pyre.

Following Azaan summoning Dawnforge into the Realm in order to combat an approaching threat, Nyx ventured to the fortress and easily defeated Azaan, restraining him and keeping him to watch what she planned to do the Realm.

Champion Octavia IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Octavia joined the Magistrate's forces when she was young; though following Furia's emergence and subsequent attack on the Magistrate, Octavia suffered severe injuries, most notably the loss of one of her legs. However, this wouldn't stop her from serving, as she reenlisted as soon as she got a prosthetic. Coupled with this, she now serves as a commander in the Magistrate's army, one outfitted with advanced and classified technology.

When Yagorath began to cause trouble, Octavia sent letters to various higher ups in the Magistrate to convince them of the threat, and would also fight the beast on the battlefield numerous times herself, seemingly assisting in the battle against Yagorath in the desert, fighting Vora, and later being present at another battle alongside Furia where Azaan would appear to effortlessly defeat the monster.

Following Yagorath's defeat, Octavia would be present while Grand Magister Karne decided to step down and entrust leadership of the Magistrate to House Aico, with Octavia seemingly not being fond of the decision.

Champion Pip IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

While most vulpins are pacifists, Pip chooses to specialize in weaponized explosives, causing him to leave his home of Brightmarsh in search of adventure. He now splits his time between fighting the Magistrate and creating restorative potions to aid his friends. He's also partially joined the Resistance.

Champion Raum IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Consumed by conflict, tempered in the Abyss, all fear his name, for Raum has only one goal: annihilation. Though few remain worthy of his attention, he would be summoned into the Realm by Corvus as a result of being tricked by Seris, giving Raum a new world to rampage in.

It wouldn't be until the tigron warrior Tiberius challenged the beast, that he would be temporarily halted, as the two engaged in a battle that eventually ended in a draw.

Later, following Yagorath's defeat, Raum would battle Azaan, though the outcome of this fight is currently unknown.

Champion Rei IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Originating from The Burrows deep in the Enchanted Forest, Rei left her home to pursuit an unrivaled mastery of magic; eventually arriving at the Ruby Throne, becoming fast friends with the Scion of the house, Lian, and gaining access to her resources in exchange for her services and advice.

When the Magistrate called on the royal houses to help defend the Realm from Yagorath, Lian would send Rei to assist in battle, backed up by Khan, the two were tasked with retrieving a special codex from the Aico Library in Crosswind Hold.

After Yagorath had been defeated and leadership of the Magistrate was entrusted to House Aico, Rei naturally remained with the group and was at the forefront of the following parade through Crosswind Hold.

Champion Ruckus IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Once a regular goblin miner, Ruckus eventually stumbled upon the long lost mind stone of an ancient war-golem, which he installed within his mechanical digging suit, merely hoping it would allow him to outperform the other miners. However, the stone instead brought the digging suit to life. While the consciousness, which Ruckus dubbed "Bolt", resented what had become of it, he nonetheless agreed to a tentative partnership with Ruckus, as they both headed out into the Realm in search of fame, fortune, and upgrades.

Champion Saati IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

A dark elf bounty hunter equipped with the latest and highest quality equipment.

While Yagorath rampaged throughout the Realm, Saati ended up in a barfight with Skye.

She later learned of the Abyssal headpiece Caspian had found, after which he invited her to join him.

Champion Seris IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Long ago, the Abyssal Lord that would later come to be known as Seris approached Nyx, one of the Pyre Lords; Nyx had grown disillusioned with the Pyre's controlling nature and wished to show them true freedom. The Abyssal Lord helped Nyx betray the Pyre by having Nyx travel through one of her portals into Abyss, where Nyx would soon cement herself as an Abyssal Lord.

Much later, in the Realm itself, a normal girl named Abby lived peacefully in the village of Seris alongside her sister, Sarah. Until one day, Corvus arrived; he believed sacrificing someone to the Abyssal portal within the village would prevent anything disastrous from occurring, and Abby was the one chosen to be sacrificed. While Sarah tried to prevent her from being taken, she was no match for the Magistrate, and Abby was taken away, with only a lock of her hair left for Sarah as a memento.

Following this, the sacrifice would begin, however, it soon became apparent the Abyss did not hunger for a soul to satiate its hunger, but for a body to control. The Abyssal Lord that appeared took Abby and destroyed the entire village. From the ruins, emerged the girl, having merged with the Abyssal Lord and become an entirely new entity. Taking the name of the village it had just destroyed, Seris now roams the Realm, mysteriously appearing here and there as part of a larger plan to rule the Realm.

As part of this plot, Seris would later reappear to Corvus, taking advantage of his desperation to trick him into summoning Raum. Despite this deception, Seris would later seemingly work with Corvus again to fight Yagorath.

Champion ShaLin IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon
Sha Lin

Tales have spread across the Realm of the legendary adventurer Sha Lin, toppling warlords, recovering long-lost artifacts, and betraying the criminal organization, the Thousand Hands are some of the stories told about the bow-wielding adventurer. Though he currently fights alongside the Resistance and seems to be rather fond of Ying.

He later accompanied Atlas and a group of other champions into the Shattered Desert to face Yagorath.

According to Atlas, in the Lost Future, Sha Lin would end up dying at some point.

Champion Skye IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Abandoning her noble life of luxury, Skye left in search of excitement and adventure, soon discovering her obsession with killing, leading to her joining the criminal organization, the Thousand Hands, where she was trained, and later defended Zhin when Koga returned for revenge.

However, her assassinations didn't go unnoticed, and eventually attracted the attention of the Magistrate, leading to her leaving the Thousand Hands and becoming Grand Magister Karne's closest advisor. Though whether or not she still remains in this position or with the Magistrate in general, is unknown.

While Yagorath rampaged throughout the Realm, Skye ended up in a barfight against Saati.

Champion Strix IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Strix has spent most of his life in the military, naturally landing him in the elite Magistrate unit known as the Sentinels, where he was tasked with training their other sharpshooters such as Kinessa; however following the failed final mission and subsequent disbanding of the group, Strix was reassigned to the front lines in battles against the Resistance.

At a later point, following Corvus' release of Raum, as with most of the Magistrate, Strix was not satisfied with him and decided to investigate in an attempt to figure out what was going on behind the scenes. During this, he met up with Tyra, who wanted to know the same thing, and as the two shared no individual bad blood with another from their time in the Sentinels, they decided to work together, later coming into conflict with Corvus directly. Despite this, Strix is still part of the Magistrate.

In the Lost Future, Strix would seemingly be killed by the Darkness in the Magistrate's Archives.

Champion Talus IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

While most Ska'drin hide away in fear, the young Talus has other plans, proudly presenting his ska'drin heritage, believing if people simply get to know him, they'll see the ska'drins aren't worth hating. As part of this plan, Talus set out on a quest for knowledge, from abandoned island paradises to the Deepwerks facility where he stole Torvald's research, from which he learned some of the history and magic of his people. When the Crystal War broke out, Talus joined the Resistance, hoping to prove the ska'drin deserve a place in the Realm.

Following House Aico gaining leadership of the Magistrate, Talus joined Zhin's New Resistance.

According to Atlas, in the Lost Future, Talus would end up dying at some point.

Champion Terminus IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Originally an old Stagalla created by the original Paladins to help fight off the Goblin Scourges of the past, Terminus and his partner, Inara, were awoken from their slumber by Valera, hoping to have them fight for the Resistance, which the Stagalla were oath-bound to accept.

In an early battle between the Magistrate and Resistance, Terminus easily defeated numerous Magistrate soldiers, until he was shattered and seemingly killed by Ash. However, death is not what awaited the Stagalla, as his body was collected, revived using Abyssal magic, and now controlled by Corvus as an instrument of war against his will.

Terminus would later come into conflict with Cassie and Talus, and at a later point against Yagorath alongside Corvus and Seris as well.

Champion Tiberius IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Having mastered the chakrams of his people when he was young, Tiberius stands as the pinnacle of tigron values. Adored by all and feared in battle, Tiberius journeyed through the Realm searching for foes to test his skills. Though he won every battle, he was also searching for something else; a legend of the sword that had no master. Eventually, he would find the blade in an ancient temple as it called out for a hero when the village of Seris was destroyed. Tiberius trained with the blade, it becoming something more than a weapon, but an ally.

When the Abyssal Lord Raum appeared in the Realm and began causing chaos, Tiberius stepped up to stop the beast. Using his sword of the heavens capable of banishing unspeakable evils, the two sides fought to a draw; Raum's rampage temporarily halted.

Champion Torvald IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

The ranking scholar and leading Magistrate expert of runic lore at the Deepwerks facility, Torvald has his hands in many different fields, from the initial wave of crystal-powered technology, ancient Ska'drin runes, and advanced prosthetic limbs.

Though he would much rather be buried in an old history tome or stick his hand into a magical vortex, Torvald joins the Magistrate's effort to put down the Resistance, as he understands the Magistrate is the driving force behind his research. He hopes to get back to work as soon as the Crystal War is over.

Champion Tyra IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

From a cold frontier, Tyra joined the Magistrate at a young age, eventually becoming part of their elite military unit, the Sentinels. When crystals were discovered and soon after banned from commoners, Tyra was one of the individuals not fond of this approach, and following the disastrous final mission of the Sentinels, left the Magistrate entirely; heading back to her homeland and making a living tracking down monstrous threats from beyond the fringes of the Realm.

Eventually, Tyra would return, joining the Resistance's side in the Crystal War.

At some point following this, Tyra would end up a fight against Ash near Ascension Peak, only for Androxus to interrupt the fight before being subsequently defeated by Ash, allowing the original fight to continue.

Following Raum being unleashed, Tyra began to grow suspicious of what was going on in the Magistrate. She headed back to investigate, where she encountered Strix, who wanted to know the same things; thus the two, sharing no bad blood due to their time in the Sentinels, decided to work together once more, later coming into conflict with Corvus in the Magistrate's Archives.

According to Atlas, in the Lost Future, Tyra would end up dying at some point.

Champion Vatu IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

A legendary figure shrouded in mystery that some don't even believe exists, while others believe he's responsible for deaths that seem accidental. Working with the Thousand Hands Guild, it is however clear, that Vatu has a strict ethical code, and a strong desire to protect his fellow Ska'drin.

At some point, he would be attacked by Vora, who was hunting down powerful individuals that may pose a threat to her and Yagorath's plans.

Following House Aico gaining leadership of the Magistrate, Vatu joined Zhin's New Resistance.

Champion VII IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

A merciless assassin of the Outer Tribunal who seemingly lost everyone close to him in the past.

At some point, he would attack Corvus in a camp set up near Serpent Beach, killing many of his men and leaving Corvus for dead.

Champion Viktor IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Once commander of the elite Magistrate unit known as the Sentinels, after taking the blame for their disastrous final mission, Viktor was stripped of his rank and reassigned to a lower position by Karne himself. Despite this, Viktor remained completely loyal to the Magistrate, determined to regain his standing, pushing himself far beyond his limits in the growing conflict against the Resistance.

Viktor would later fight against other former Sentinels, Strix and Tyra, when the two began investigating Corvus after he'd been tricked into summoning Raum. Following this, Viktor would also join Atlas and various other champions in several battles against Yagorath in the Shattered Desert.

Following the defeat of Yagorath, Viktor would be present while Grand Magister Karne decided to step down and entrust leadership of the Magistrate to House Aico, with Viktor seemingly not being fond of the decision.

In the Lost Future, Viktor would seemingly be killed in Frozen Guard.

Champion Vivian IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Vivian's clever and persistent scheming allowed her to rapidly rise through the Magistrate's ranks, eventually being appointed to the Deepwerks facility, where she was one of the first individuals to see the military potential in the research they were conducting.

Secretly though, Vivian was aiming to rule the Magistrate. Though one individual would end up learning of her plot, leading to Vivian joining the fight when the Crystal War broke out, not out of loyalty or to prove anything, but to silence the one witness to her plans.

When Corvus was exiled from the Magistrate, Vivian continued to work with him out of personal ambition, even assisting him when Strix and Tyra began growing suspicious of what was going on behind the scenes.

Following the defeat of Yagorath, with Karne entrusting House Aico with leadership of the Magistrate, Vivian remained with the group.

Champion Vora IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Her entire life, Vora had been told of Io, how she loved and cared for everyone, even when she was broken. Vora swore an allegiance to protect the ancient seals of Io which held chaos at bay, just as Io would protect her.

But, things soon became darker and then somehow even darker, as there were crusades. Vora's fellow guardians all met a slow and painful end, as meanwhile, a battle between the Magistrate and Resistance unfolded nearby right in her home town. Innocents died, as had all of Vora's fellow guardians, and yet Io was nowhere in sight. Vora gave everything for Io, and the goddess couldn't be bothered to appear the one time she was needed.

Vora had an epiphany, from the Magistrate and Resistance claiming to fight for justice, but destroying her hometown and leaving it in pieces, to the gods who appreciate you when useful, but ignore you otherwise, Vora decided everyone was just a pawn in a grand game of chess between the gods and powerful factions. Vora found this existence insulting, and though she could try to make her own faction, she instead decided to flip the table entirely. Seeing the Realm heading towards destruction, Vora is more than happy to assist in bringing about this fate; she intends to bring an end to the suffering, to the wars and chaos.

In this moment, the very chaos Vora had sworn to keep sealed, whispered to Vora and made her an offer, to which she gladly accepted. She was granted the power she needed to accomplish her goals and protect herself.

Vora would first head back to her home, where she'd come into conflict with Atlas and Lex, and at some point later, destroy Io's statue. Following this, Yagorath, the Darkness that had whispered to her, had finally emerged from her seal. Vora assisted Yagorath in another battle against Atlas and a number of other champions, which after seemingly emerging victorious, Yagorath headed north, while Vora remained in the south of the Realm to cause chaos. She would attack Octavia, as well as Vatu, targeting individuals that posed a threat to her and Yagorath's plans.

Though Yagorath would end up defeated by Azaan, Vora is still present in the Realm, though what she's doing is currently unknown.

In the Lost Future, it's unknown what became of Vora, as a different individual altogether ended up becoming the future character known as Vora. Though this other individual, similarly to the present day Vora, would aid the Darkness for many years in bringing about the end of the Realm. Their appearance was far more monstrous as well. At some point, they would encounter Atlas, being the one responsible for tearing off his arm. It's unknown what happened to this version of Vora following Atlas' retreat into the past.

Champion Willo IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

While most faeries are currently regrouping to bolster their dwindling numbers, Willo has taken it upon herself to take up arms against both the Magistrate and Resistance, much to the worry of the remaining few faeries.

Champion Yagorath IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

A separate, yet small piece of the universe-subsuming threat known as the Darkness, Yagorath arrived in the Realm centuries ago, shattering the moon to pieces and destroying all surrounding life where she landed in the Realm, but also being imprisoned within shards of the moon by its goddess Io.

For centuries, Yagorath remained sealed deep in the Shattered Desert, with a martial order of guards composed of Io's followers being created to protect the seal. However, over time, Yagorath slowly began to leak out.

Eventually, Yagorath had emerged enough to begin slowly and painfully killing the guardians, with only one of them, Vora, remaining alive. As a nearby battle between the Magistrate and Resistance unfolded, Yagorath made an offer to the now broken Vora, transforming the former guardian into Yagorath's own personal harbinger. As Vora left to cause chaos, Yagorath finally emerged from her seal after centuries of confinement.

Though the time-traveler Atlas would gather a group of champions to fight the beast before it could leave the Shattered Desert, despite their best efforts, Yagorath would still manage to leave, growing larger and attacking Crosswind Hold, leaving behind a massive trail of destruction, battling characters such as Atlas and Octavia numerous times, while attacking others like Barik and Rei.

After over a year of her rampage, during another battle with Octavia, this time joined by Furia, Yagorath appeared to be winning once again, until Azaan, the Eternal, descended into the Realm, having arrived to deal with the growing influence of the Abyss, decided to deal with the other threat of the Darkness, easily defeating Yagorath and resealing the monster.

Champion Ying IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

A master of illusions and trickery, Ying put her abilities to good use to escape the imprisonment of a bandit king. She later became an adventurer, and when the Crystal War broke out, Ying felt it was her responsibility to join the Resistance.

Following House Aico gaining leadership of the Magistrate, Ying joined Zhin's New Resistance.

According to Atlas, in the Lost Future, Ying would end up dying at some point.

Champion Zhin IconWinterEvent FreeRotationAllTransparentChampion-icon

Though robbed of his noble lineage, Zhin would carve out his own throne in the criminal underworld, gaining the loyalty of enough thieves, assassins, and corrupt bureaucrats to form his shadowy empire the Thousand Hands.

At some point, Zhin would come across a nameless street-rat who was brave enough to challenge him. This impressed Zhin, and he took the boy in, giving him a new life, a new family, and his new name: Koga.

But, due to jealousy, false evidence and lies would be spread about Koga, which Zhin believed, enraging him to the point Koga was forced to flee. Though Koga would later return for revenge, and come to battle with Zhin and Skye, the outcome of this fight is unknown.

At another point, he would assist Androxus in a fight against Lex and Maeve.

He later accompanied Atlas and a group of other champions into the Shattered Desert to face Yagorath.

Following House Aico gaining leadership of the Magistrate, Zhin created the New Resistance to supposedly fight against this injustice, though this seems to just be an act, with his true goals more nefarious in nature.

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