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Monitor Resolution: 1440x900

obs-studio (Emote Recording)[]


  • Scene: Paladins Wiki;
  • Scenes: Scene;
  • Source: Game Capture;

Proprieties for Game Capture[]

  • Mode: Capture specific window;
  • Window: [Paladins.exe]: Chaos (32-bit, DX9);
  • Window Match Priority: Match title, otherwise find window of same executable;
  • Multi-adapter Compatibility: No;
  • Force Scaling: No;
  • Allow Transparency: No;
  • Limit Capture Framerate: No;
  • Capture Cursor: No;
  • Use anti-cheat compatibility hook: Yes;
  • Capture third-party overlays (such as steam): No.


  • Output Mode: Simple;
    • Video Bitrate: 2500;
    • Encoder: Software (x264);
    • Audio Bitrate: 320;
    • Recording Quality: Indistinguishable Quality, Large File Size;
    • Recording Format: mp4;
    • Encoder: Software (x264).


  • Base/Output Resolution: 800x800;
  • Downscale Filter: Lanczos (Sharpened scaling, 32 samples);
  • Common FPS Value: 60.

To Do[]

For use when game leaves Beta and goes to Final, every Emote (shall) be redone to fit the newest main menu interface, along with the other stuff like screenshots and so on Forget it, this is being made now, lol, expect a table later on, or not, I guess it's more cool if I spend my time uploading the pics than making the table.

Character screenshots will also use the same 800x800 resolution as the Emotes, however, some Champions may be slightly adjusted to show up better their models.

Weapon screenshots resolution soon. Head screenshots may have a standard resolution, but every character has their heads located on different parts, so, these will also be slightly adjusted.