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Vulpin are a fox-like species that appear to have largely used to live in Brightmarsh, but abruptly left to serve as medics for the Magistrate and Resistance when the Crystal War broke out.[1]

They are known to be skilled alchemists, usually specializing in curative potions, as revealed in Pip's bio. They're also mostly pacifists, as revealed in a loading screen tip found here.

Their magic is similar to Mal'Damba's, as stated here.

Known Vulpin[edit | edit source]

Alternate Reality Vulpin[edit | edit source]

Card Art Vulpin[edit | edit source]

  • Card From Above.png Possibly the same Grinning Vulpin (from Pip's card From Above)

Other[edit | edit source]


  • Doctorvulpin.png Doctor Vulpin (from pictures in spawn)
  • Femalevulpin.png Female Vulpin (from pictures in spawn)
  • Fluffyvulpin.png Fluffy Vulpin (from pictures in spawn)
  • Glassesvulpin.png Glasses Vulpin (from pictures in spawn)
  • Cloakvulpin.PNG Cloaked Vulpin (from pictures near the point)
  • Farmervulpins.PNG Vulpin Farmer (from pictures near the point)
  • Vulpinfamily.PNG Vulpin Family (from pictures near the point)
  • Gardnervulpin.PNG Vulpin Gardner (from pictures near the point)


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