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Vulpin are a fox-like species that mostly have yellow-ish fur, but supposedly can have all sorts of colors and patterns.[1] They're known to be skilled alchemists, usually specializing in curative potions, as revealed in Pip's bio, and are also mostly pacifists, as revealed in a loading screen tip found here.

They appear to have largely used to live in Brightmarsh, but abruptly left to serve as medics for the Magistrate and Resistance when the Crystal War broke out.[2]

Known Vulpin[]

Alternate Reality Vulpin[]

Card Art Vulpin[]

  • Card From Above.png Possibly the same Grinning Vulpin (from Pip's card From Above)



  • Doctorvulpin.png Doctor Vulpin (from pictures in spawn)
  • Femalevulpin.png Female Vulpin (from pictures in spawn)
  • Fluffyvulpin.png Fluffy Vulpin (from pictures in spawn)
  • Glassesvulpin.png Glasses Vulpin (from pictures in spawn)
  • Cloakvulpin.PNG Cloaked Vulpin (from pictures near the point)
  • Farmervulpins.PNG Vulpin Farmer (from pictures near the point)
  • Vulpinfamily.PNG Vulpin Family (from pictures near the point)
  • Gardnervulpin.PNG Vulpin Gardner (from pictures near the point)
  • Brightmarsh Vulpin Sketch.png Vulpin Sketch (from near one of the flank routes)



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