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Warder's Watch is the former home island of the Warders. It was once a thriving location, but is now largely empty after the Warders disappeared; well, it is still occasionally active as a result of various battles occurring there. It is here where Warder's Gate, Dragon Arena, and likely the Warder's Arena are located. Marauders' Port is also located nearby.

Trials of the Realm Bios[]

Warder's Gate
"Once a thriving city and training center, Warder's Gate now sits mostly empty since the disappearance of the Warders. Still a place of power, it has become home to proxy conflicts between warring factions."[1]

Dragon Arena
"At an elevation befitting its name, Dragon Arena once hosted magnificent bouts between some of the most powerful beings in the Realm for sport. Now, fights there are for a different purpose."[2]

Marauder's Port
"Strategically located not far off the western coasts of the mainland, Marauder's Port oversees the crossing from North to South. Whoever controls this area controls the west coast of the entire Realm."[3]


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