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Dragon's Call[]

All the Realm could see; the beacon was lit. It had been decades - no, centuries, since the dragon mages were last called home. Centuries since these Warders were last summoned to fight the darkness. But with no Warders left to answer the call, the dragon mages' power remains trapped in crystal, awaiting its masters' return. Yet the beacon is lit. Karne and Valera's forces are drawn to ancient power like moths to the flame, heedless of the danger it portends. For few can resist the Dragon's Call.

The beacon of the Warders had been lit. Everyone could see it. Its beacon had been ignited by Jenos as revealed here, in the hopes of recruiting powerful allies to combat the oncoming threat of the Darkness. But the Warders were long gone, and in their place, the Resistance arrives, followed soon after by the Magistrate, and as usual, the two sides begin another battle.[1]

Both sides attempt to pass a powerful keystone known as the Warder's Key into one of the vaults, unlocking it in the process.


Dark Tides[]

The Paladins rejoiced. The Warder's Relics were secured and with that: victory.

Until he attacked. The most feared pirate of the eight oceans. Drawn to the ancient power the Paladins carry. On the open water none could challenge Admiral Dredge. The Paladins were routed, the weapons seized for Dredge's treasure board.

A dragon chooses its master and Dredge was found lacking. He sank into the depths until he was leagues from the land of the living, but the pirate was far from death. The Abyss bore Dredge back into the Realm on top of its bearing tentacles.

The undead admiral sails the seas again and none would take his treasure.

Concluding the conflict at the Warder's Arena, the Resistance emerge the victors, having secured the Warder's Relics.

But out on the open seas, drawn to them by the power of the relics they carried, the Resistance was attacked by the most feared pirate of the Eight Oceans, Admiral Dredge, also known as Judd Roberts. They were no match for Dredge on the open seas, and the relics were easily stolen.

However, a dragon chooses its master, and Judd, being in possession of the dragon gauntlets was not found to be worthy. He was no match for the might of the dragon, and sank into the depths of the ocean. Though instead of losing his life, Judd encountered the Abyssal Lord Dredge, who granted him life once more. Now an agent of the Abyss, Judd sails the seas yet again, reclaiming the gauntlets once more.


Warders Return[]

Dredge: "A Warder?! But how?!"

*brief fight, after which Imani reclaims her gauntlets*

Imani: "We're back."

*Imani summons her dragon.*

Sometime after the events of Dredge's plundering and resurrection, Dredge recaptures his prized artifact and brings it back to Marauder's Port.

Looking to reclaim what's hers, Imani reveals herself to Dredge by attacking the port. Imani reclaims her gauntlets, and summons her dragon before setting off to find the one who had lit the Warder's beacon.



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